Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Asleep by 9;20 p.m. last night.

SS slept until 7:00 a.m. She is usually asleep when P goes to work, due to her night owl behavior. Everything was going well until P said goodbye. SS covered her face and refused to kiss, hug or say goodbye. Poor P was really sad, but he understood what was happening.

We have had a busy morning, and we even managed to put together a bin unit for SS's downstairs toys. The problem is that we need 4 more shelves to make a dent on SS's toys. We are very tempted to store some of them. There are just way too many toys, and our bare feet keep finding them.

Lately SS has been helping me cook. I cannot imagine anything more boring for a toddler than watching her mother burn dinner. But SS happily stands on a step stool and watches as I chop away. Another very boring task, but she gets a kick out of it (watching, not using knives). SS's big contribution is helping me get out all the ingredients and measuring. Now cooking dinner takes me three times as long, but SS is happy. It is so cute to see her little face light up when she is measuring. That sense of pride is worth the extra time. A big plus is that we get to work on her numbers, colors and overall vocabulary. Who are we to suppress her inner chef? If this thing works out, she will be doing the cooking for us. Another win-win situation for all.

All smiles before realizing P was leaving for work. I just realized that P was not wearing one of his work shirts this morning. Maybe that added to SS's confusion, thinking it was just a stay at home day. SS is such a California girl, check out the flip flops with her long sleeved PJs.

We colored for a while, and SS seemed pleased with her latest creation. She is getting so much better at holding her crayons (she has tiny hands). Love the head tilt.

Our morning project, we actually put this thing together and we both survived. OK, SS did most of the work. Every single bin ended up on her head as a hat.

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