Sunday, September 20, 2009

Neck rolls.

As SS gets closer to her third birthday, P and I find ourselves looking for glimpses of Baby S. Our baby girl is leaving the baby stage behind and we are experiencing a mixture of pride and sadness. When we received our referral, we were both concerned that our daughter would not have much baby left in her. We were dead wrong, because due to her institutionalization, SS had plenty of baby for us. It seems that S is on an overall developmental spur, especially with her language and balance. We have to be very careful what we say here, because SS repeats everything, sometimes much to our embarrassment.

When we met SS we immediately became concerned about her health and development. While we were elated to finally meet our daughter, we were very concerned about her weight and how fragile she seemed. We then noticed something that did not fit with the frail little girl we were holding. Neck rolls, our severely underweight daughter had neck rolls. We love SS's neck rolls, although they are not as noticeable now, since her face is fuller. As SS leaves a lot of her baby behind, it is good to still see those beautiful rolls on her neck. We think she may never lose them and that is OK with us.

Many times I have been tempted to pinch SS's baby rolls, but that is not cool. When I took her picture yesterday, those beautiful rolls were very noticeable. I am embarrassed to admit that I have spent way too much time looking at SS's neck.

SS is having another good day. She woke up in a jovial mood and has not stopped babbling. This is new for her. Before, she would play or color in silence. Now she has a running commentary going on. It's really cute. That and a lot of singing, SS can't help but belt out songs. Last Friday she cracked me up with one of her creations. Remember when I mentioned that SS loves to say "happy gay day" or "happy gay." Now everything is g@y to her. So Friday she stands on the ottoman (I was in the kitchen and she wanted to see me), and starts singing her happy g@y song. Then she added a twist, "Baba big g@y, Baba big happy g@y." My cell phone was recharging, otherwise I would have filmed it. I have no idea how she came up with that one. Good thing her Baba is very secure in his sexuality.

I leave you with some neck rolls goodness.


08/21/2008 (one month home).



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