Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some things about SS.

We had our first gym injury. Don't worry SS is just fine, but P hurt his back with his less than graceful entry into the foam pit on Tuesday. That did not stop him from bouncing all over the place and jumping in again. SS was interacting more with the other children, and did not ask to be held as much. P and I got in trouble for bouncing too hard around SS. What an embarrassment it would be for our daughter to be banned from the facility due to her parents' behavior. SS was so tired that she fell asleep on the way home from lunch. She is starting the structured class tomorrow and I hope she can keep up with the other children.

The sleeping is going well, with SS falling asleep between 8:00 to 8:30 p.m. and waking up between 5-6 a.m. Now that there is no TV blaring, it seems that SS realizes she'd be bored and does not fight sleep. We are hoping that she continues doing well. I am a bit concerned about our weekend away next month, because with the excitement of spending time with JJ we might end up with a setback. But we miss spending time at the Haunt with JJ and will have to deal with whatever comes our way.

SS is cracking us up with her more grown up self. On Monday I handed her something and said "Here Pumpkin," something I occasionally call her. SS walked away from me mumbling "pumpkin,pumpkin, pumpkin." She seemed to be looking for something. She brought a Sn00py Halloween coloring book (JJ got her several last year) and looked through the pages. She stopped at two pages that both had pumpkins on them. She looked at me and pointed at each pumpkin, then sternly said "PUMPKIN." OK, I got it, Pumpkin is not an approved nickname. Gotta love their literal stages. SS, Mama is trying very hard to stop calling you Pumpkin. Your Mama does know that we did not pick you up at a pumpkin patch or at the produce section of the supermarket.

Yesterday SS was playing with a piece of the top of her crayon box. The same crayon box I had been looking for. As she is blabbing away about crayons I said to myself "Yeah, but where is the rest of the box?" SS stopped, had a cute frown as in deep in thought. I then saw an expression that I best can describe as recognition. She turned around went under her high chair and came back with the crayon box, smiled at me and said "Here."

When we were playing outside waiting for P, I happened to be looking at my phone when I thought I heard SS say "Catch that ball." Before I could ask what she said I felt a soaking wet ball with very cold water on my lap. The ball is made of very absorbent material for water play, and she got me good. In her defense, she did warn me, it's just that I was too slow.

This morning P asked her for a roll of toilet paper, without gesturing. SS grabbed a roll and handed it to P. And talking of TP, for someone who is not yet capable of wiping her own backside SS is becoming very opinionated about TP. She lets me know when it needs to be changed, and does not like it if I tell her that it is not time to add another roll. Kids. :)

SS enjoyed pulling her Baba around the gym. I'm pretty sure it was not easy on P's back.

Future gymnast? Not a chance.

What a good workout does to our little fountain of energy.

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AnnabelsMama said...

Hi Guys-

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful presents you sent our way.I tell you have great taste in kiddie clothes. I am going to have to get these clothes on Mr. Holden ASAP because as you know he is becoming quite the "Tank". Annabel loves her new "jammies". Much love to cousin S.
We so appreciate it!