Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First open gym session. (Updated with videos)

SS had her first open gym experience. She was timid at first, but by the end of the hour seemed to enjoy herself. Not bad for this being her first experience in this type of setting. The other children there obviously had plenty of experience and SS watched and tried to follow along. A big surprise was how much P and I enjoyed ourselves. The foam pit was awesome and I still can't believe I jumped right in. P and I were sweaty and sticky at the end, but it was so much fun. I have video, but for some reason Y.o.u T.u.b.e is being obstinate and won't upload them. I'll try later, and you'll see how much fun P had.

They have a mommy and me structured class on Fridays and we are considering enrolling SS. However, SS is laying down next to me after having a major meltdown. We are returning to open gym on Thursday and if she does well then we'll go from there. It could possibly be that she is exhausted and unable to self soothe. But I do wonder if it was too much stimulation. We are listening to classical music and that helped with the crying. My poor baby. I'm really hoping this works, because we need a Winter activity for SS. Once it starts raining, it's bye bye outside time.

Ever since we met SS I have been dreading The Question. It's right there front and center whenever people approach us. Today is that day, but TQ arrived in an unthinkable (to me) form. My very young, very good looking husband was asked if SS was his granddaughter. SS and I missed it because we were sitting at the table waiting for Baba to bring our lunch. When P sat down, he was simply stunned. Good thing it was him, because I'm sure the young lady would have thought that I was SS's great-grandmother. Yikes.

Testing the trampoline.

Not too sure about the trampoline, but feeling secure in Baba's arms.

They were playing D*sney songs, and SS was totally into them. She recognized Under the Sea and got down with her bad self.

The beginning and the end of SS's balance beam career.

The things we do for our kids.

We all had a blast in this thing.

How cool is this?

Contemplating her next move.

To jump or not to jump.

Higher Baba, higher!

Getting her groove on.

This picture reminds P of Baby S.

Foam pit fun.

Hopping along.

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Brenda said...

Looks like you've really found something that makes SS happy and strengthens her legs to boot. That is a good thing! K - looks like you got two kids there - one is very tall for a 5-year-old. :-)