Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busting her hump to earn her keep.

And the post title comes from?

Just realized the above picture is really blurry (thanks Brenda). Here's SS broom and dust pan. She placed them between the fridge and the wall. Too cute. We never intended to buy SS any "let's make this little girl into Suzie homemaker" type of toys. But SS just won't leave the broom and dust pan alone. So we relented and begrudlingly bought SS her own.


Brenda said...

K - No clue! Looks like a blurry stick with a blurry blue thingie that almost looks like a dust pan hooked on???

2china4S said...


I did not realize how terrible that picture came out. It's a broom and dust pan. I took it with my cell phone. I will add a better picture with my next post.