Thursday, September 17, 2009

Water withdrawal woes.

You have a kid that for months has spent an average of five days a week in the water. Said fun abruptly ends, your child is two and cannot comprehend that her water places are closed until next summer. Your child starts acting out, and there you are, wondering what the heck is going on. DUH. P gets a pass on this one, but me? I am always reminding him how important consistency is for little ones. Yet this one went right over my head.

Yesterday afternoon, I was having some alone time, while P and SS played. We have a leaking sprinkler that SS just can't leave alone. P distracted her by letting her play with the garden hose. He came inside to ask me to take a look at how happy SS was. I walked outside to find my daughter naked and in water heaven. Poor thing, thank G0d she won't inherit my denseness. SS had a good time, squealing, laughing, making wide turns like an 18-wheeler, and running around.

What did P get for coming home early and indulging SS in water Nirvana? The man was bit on his shoulder. After giving SS a bath and getting her ready for bed, P sat on the glider to begin the calming down process. SS knew this was leading to bed and apparently thought the best way to avoid bedtime was to bite her father. SS was rather aggressive today with me, and she knows what to expect. P just came to me and asked what to do. He really gets so sad, that disciplining SS does not cross his mind. I grabbed SS's book (for bedtime story) and joined them upstairs. Before the story I needed to deal with SS. While I'm not happy with her behavior, we were both impressed by our exchange.

Me: SS, we do not bite, hit or in any way engage in violence. I know you do not want to go to bed. I know you had a rough day, you are frustrated, but there is no excuse for violence. You hurt Baba, that is not OK. Now go and kiss the boo boo you gave him.

SS: Walks up to P, raises her arms, is picked up, and proceeds to kiss his shoulder. I had no
idea which shoulder she bit, and P did not point where to kiss. I could tell from his
expression that SS kissed the right spot. P Places SS down and she walks up to me, ready for
her story.

Me: We are not done here SS. You need to tell Baba that you are sorry and give him a hug.

SS: "Sorry Baba." Walks over and gives him a hug.

P: Wow, she really understood that.

Me: Remember, her receptive language ability is far greater than her expressive language.
Besides, playing dumb is a very effective tool that your daughter has perfected.

After story time SS thought it was playtime and we dashed her hopes by placing her in her crib. She screamed for about five minutes, then seemed to realize it was not worth her energy. Smart little girl. SS was out by 8:30 p.m. She had a fitful night and cried in her sleep a few times. That is to be expected, given the day she had. It's 7:20 now, and SS is beginning to stir. Here we go again.

P's dilemma, walk inside and grab one of her many bathing suits, or... Nah, strip her clothes off and let her run around naked.

She is holding her hands in that weird way, because she had a few grass blades on them. We just love her mischievous little expression.

Here comes Baby Hulk.


Watch the funky way SS exits the pool.

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