Monday, September 07, 2009

First #1 in the frog potty!

SS and her first celebratory M&M. After the wild dancing and singing celebration P said, "I'm so glad we didn't force her." Me too P, right there with you. There was a tense moment when SS requested (actually demanded) more M&Ms, but we are holding our ground. The chocolates are only to be used as bribes, er, as compensation for SS's efforts. Yeah SS!!!


Brenda said...

One crummy M&M? Wouldn't be surprised if SS learned to retort: " think I'm STOOPID???"

2china4S said...

OK, we admit to be way out of the loop regarding potty treats. What is the going rate?

Brenda said...

Oh - how 'bout a Twinkie and a milk shake?