Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Graffiti artist in the making.

I think SS broke her own tantrum record today. P had a dental appointment during lunch and SS was deeply wounded that she was not consulted. P sent a video for me to play to SS, but that did not fly with our very offended daughter. How bad was it? Not even videos of herself placated our narcissist SS. She exhausted herself into a nap, then picked up where she left off upon awakening. I really felt bad for her and next time I'll just go with P. It was really rough here.

When P came home from work SS completely snubbed him. We so pity her future partner when it steps out of line. Since SS would not allow P to touch her, he ran an errand for me. That was a huge mistake. It took almost an hour after that for SS to acknowledge her Baba. We got out the sidewalk chalk and SS temporarily forgave us. She is such a drama queen. Two steps forward, one step back. SS had a good time making a mess and getting chalk all over her body.

SS recognizes the letter S, but of course not when the camera is rolling.

Everything is a microphone here lately. SS and P got down with their first duet.


Jill said...

LOL! You got one of those stubborn ones from China like we did! I tell you, if SS is anything like Miss Lucy...you are in trouble! :)

I am hoping our shakes it off by the time she is a teen! LOL!

Brenda said...

That video clip is PRICELESS. Get DOWN, SS, get DOWN!

german said...

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