Sunday, September 06, 2009

You expect me to do WHAT on that frog? (Updated)

Almost four months ago we foolishly announced our purchase of two tushie cushies for SS. We silly, undisciplined, and gullible souls thought that SS was showing signs of potty readiness. Guess what? As the adults, we were apparently expected to guide her, remind her, and gently coax her to worship the porcelain goddess. That is where our genius plan fell apart. We do not mind purchasing nor changing diapers. We are also in no hurry for SS to abandon whatever baby she has left in her. After a few successful tries (remember my lowest moment singing and dancing to the potty song?) SS developed a fear of heights. Yes, the toilet type heights. So we did what any irresponsible parent would do, we just let it go. Summer came along and the TCs kept on collecting dust. Our excuse was our vacation, and the heck if we were going to attempt potty training during such a stressful time for SS.

SS is back to her aversion to having a wet diaper. She takes matters into her own hands, brings over a diaper, wipes and Desit*n (She is addicted, calls it Tin). SS looks so funny because we know what bodily function is occurring. First, she spreads her legs and walks around like a Sumo wrestler. It is so freaking cute! SS then touches the front or back of her diaper, and screams like a banshee. It's the same high pitched wail that she uses when she does not want clothes or long sleeves. Since we are saps, we are going to give the potty another try. SS chose a frog potty and we hope it works.

If the whole potty thing is a bust, we are going to completely give up on the whole thing. If it is that important to SS, she'll use the potty (she is perfectly capable of taking off her clothes and diaper). Before you judge us, think about the positive aspects here. Fast forward a few years, and us saying , "SS, we would like for you to attend summer camp/sleep over/junior prom/etc., but you are not potty trained." Even better, no one will want to date our non potty trained daughter. See? It's not all bad.

Please wish us luck. We have M&Ms this time and hope it makes a difference. Even though we had agreed never too use food as a bribe.

You've got to be kidding me.

Oh, there's chocolate involved? Then why didn't you say so? I am willing to urinate on the frog for one M&M, but defecation will cost you two.

Cute kitty.

Two of hearts.

So Bono.

We are not fooled by her enthusiasm, but this is going to make a great blackmail picture.

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