Monday, September 21, 2009

TV ban.

Since Friday, when SS is awake the TV is off. P and I are C N N whores, and our TV is usually on as plain white noise. You'd think we have a need to be in tune with the crap that is this world for our jobs. Nah, just a nasty habit we both share. P needs TV as constant background noise, it's an addiction. Whenever P talks about a show he enjoyed watching as a child, I do the math, and I'm amazed at how young he was when said show was on. My answer is usually, "You were barely a toddler then!" P just shrugs his shoulders and reminds me that "TV was my babysitter."

Nancy Thomas' Taming the Tiger While It's Still a Kitten is very adamant that our little ones at risk for RAD not be exposed to TV. She also feels that parents should choose what parts of her program work for them. I wish we had turned off the darn TV back in April. Again, one of the few things P enjoys, and I felt plain selfish asking him to give it up. Now we tape what we want to watch and wait for SS to go to bed. We are both very impressed with the significant change in her behavior. Even if it is just C N N, TV wires SS. Perhaps she was not exposed to it at the SWI, perhaps it is a function of something else. It does not matter, we are going to keep the TV ban until SS can handle it.

On the weekend of October 17, we will get to return to the Halloween Haunt. We have been doing this for 15 years, at Knott's Berry Farm, but missed the last two years. Great America (In San Jose, CA) is now owned by the same company as Knott's, and they are having the Haunt this year. There is no way that we would leave SS with just anyone (The Haunt is from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.), so JJ and his roommate T are coming with us. If SS keeps going to bed by 8, she won't be without us for long. P and I are excited to return, but even more excited that JJ will be with us. He and T will go one night, and then we'll go the next night, while they hang around with Tiny Trouble.

P and SS talked to P's mother tonight (via Skype), and they are going to meet us in San Jose. It should be a really neat weekend for SS, spending a big girl night with the love of her life, JJ, and visiting with her grandmothers again. Let's hope it all works out.

It was 100 freaking degrees today. SS and I spent two hours outside. About forty five minutes after P came home, I had it with the heat, and left him and SS to play outside. Not a problem for SS, since she was once again naked and in her pool. Like I have stated many times before, I never know what I'm going to find when those two are left to their own devices.

Imagine this all over her body. I'll give P credit for this side of SS. I tend to shy away from this type of fun, because my birth mother is a HUGE OCD case. P just lets SS be a kid, and his thing is if you don't like it, don't look at her. I know he is a big part of SS's healthy side.

Patiently waiting for her Nana and grand Min to show up on Skype.

Do you see me? Do you REALLY see the awesomeness that is me?

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