Friday, March 23, 2012

Baba's night out.

Today was P's last day at work. He still did the insane work Thursday until 5 p.m., then back at work at 1:00 a.m. this morning. P wanted to get together with some coworkers for one last time, and they arranged to meet at a local bar. I prepared SS in advance, because we were going to drop off P, then a friend would drive him home. Apparently SS did not believe me when I explained what a guy's night out meant. She took umbrage to her Baba's audacity of wanting to spend time with anyone else. Yeah, we created this beautiful monster. Baba feeling needlessly guilty suggested that we go shopping for Katy Perry's CD (one of SS's favorites now). I guess sneaking around with his wife took a toll on him.

We went to two stores and struck out. I did not know that it would be so difficult to find the darn CD. By the second strike out SS began to shed tears. I hated myself for telling her that she was getting one. I did not know where to go next because now days I buy my music Online. But I wanted SS to know what a CD is, so stupid me was stumped. I texted P, he consulted with the guys and off to Best Buy we went. SS was a freaking absolute riot there. I have no idea what got into her, but she had people cracking up. After SS had convinced her spineless Mama that Baba would want her to have two CDs (ask JJ, I really used to have a spine, and was known to use the word no) we took a look at the refrigerators. SS's concept of a refrigerator is the plain, no frills, beige one she sees everyday. She floored me when she went to the first one she liked and proceeded to tell me that the water and ice came from the door. SS had a pregnant woman in stitches when she put her arms up and loudly declared, "There's so many Mama, I've never seen such a thing in my life!" Seriously, where does she get that stuff? I stopped to look at a 32" TV and SS dismissed me with a wave of her hand. She said, "Nah, too small Mama." I will eventually get a karyotype and be vindicated, she has to have a Y chromosome.

But SS was not done, she really let it rip when we were paying for the CDs. SS was itching to get her hands on the CDs. The cashier asked me if I wanted a bag, and I declined, stating that SS just wanted to hold them. The cashier took a look at our seemingly innocent child, and in a baby sing song voice said "So you wanna hold your Mommy's CDs?" Heh, I did not know what SS was going to say, but I had a feeling it was going to be good. Our little angel sneered at the cashier and very seriously stated, "They are MINE." The cashier was surprised and said "You like Katy Perry?" SS answered by belting out Firework . By then the cashier was not the only one laughing, but so were the people waiting behind us. The cashier asked SS who else she liked, SS promptly responded Adele and started singing Rolling in the Deep . It's like my kid was on meth, and I worried about the night ahead.

SS is listening to her CD as I write this post. Thankfully she is not climbing the walls, and not acting like Robin Williams on crack. I must admit that it is odd (disturbing?) to watch my daughter coloring and singing "You make me feel, like I'm in a teenage dream, the way you turn me on..." Coincidentally, JJ put my mind at ease. We were driving home the last time he visited and talking about 80's music. I told him that I introduced SS to The Village People on our drive home from So CA. I popped in the CD, and listened to SS groove to Can't Stop the Music. From there we ended discussing how many of the songs in the CD were about places were a good old boy could find other good old boys (trying to keep this a family friendly blog). JJ listened to those songs and many more, and things like that flew over his head. We are crossing our fingers that the same happens with SS.

Talking about JJ's less than conventional upbringing, I remember a talk we had about his eclectic music taste, and the hell I got for allowing him to listen to "adult songs." A very good friend was appalled when she realized that JJ was a Sheena Easton fan. JJ loved Morning Train, and Sugar Walls. There was a controversy about that song, written by Prince. Some thought that it was about cocaine, others thought that it alluded to the female genitalia. JJ was shocked to hear this, really surprised. He thought the song was about candy! Nope, not kidding, the boy thought Sheena Easton had a sweet tooth. Even funnier, the woman is (was?) anorexic thin, JJ had seen her picture on the CD, and he told me that he wondered how she could be rail thin, when she ate so much candy. Gotta hand it to our kids, they crack us up, no matter how old they are. We are incredibly blessed. That is, until they tee us off, and we gripe about them. :).

6 days...

SS you are perfect just the way you are, don't change a thing. We never know what will strike your fancy next, and truly look forward to whatever seemingly odd choice you will make. Good thing your parents and big brother have sick minds. We just love tagging along for the ride.

SS carried this picture around all day. Such a funky kid.

All smiles until she realized that a guy's night out does not include the wife and immensely entitled child.

Baba's spoiled pride and joy proudly showing off her new acquisitions.

Someone can't wait for Halloween, she is already planning her costume. When P saw the video, he was scared. The man is not looking forward to a light saber fight with a child who admires a man who cut his own son's hand. Can't say I blame him, but better him than me.

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