Tuesday, March 27, 2012


That word best describes our current situation. I took advantage of my insomnia (along with the pain), and spent P's and SS's sleeping hours packing and cleaning. I was able to hang on long enough to crash next to them, and ask P to please take SS to school. Although those hours were productive I was knackered. I woke up from an unusual deep sleep by SS's frantic cries, our Baby hit the wall. No, our baby slammed into the wall, she could not care less that we are moving to a new house, she could not care less that we were going on an adventure. SS did not want to go to school, she's done with the constant changes around her. P had to rip her off me, and it truly sucked to watch her so upset. At school SS cried and would not let go off her Baba, Ms. C had to intervene and coax her into the classroom. I missed all the fun, because I had passed out as soon as they left the house. After three hours sleep I felt guilty and decided to get up and become useful. My body had other plans, and back down I went. I still have no idea how I was able to get up and function.

We got quite a bit accomplished, but not as much as we should have. By now everything should have been packed. P busted his tail once again, and his weight loss is apparent. He's lost about twenty pounds over the last two months. It's his natural reaction to stress. I wish I had his problem, because those twenty pounds found their way to me. I am an emotional eater, sucks. As much as we were behind, P still took time out to make me take breaks. More like yell at me to sit the &*%# down. This is our third move, and if our marriage survives this one, then we should be able to survive SS's adolescence.

SS was very happy to see us this afternoon. She was sitting next to one of her teachers when we arrived. P asked the teacher how she was doing, "I was doing fine, until you got here." HUH? That was a strange response, then she clarified, "I'm happy for you guys, but it's really difficult for us." P predicted that SS's teachers were going to be sad, I just thought he was being biased. The teacher thought is was SS's last day, and she was all smiles when P informed her she had an extra day. Right now I'm swamped, but once we get to our new home I'm going to work on SS's blog, that way her teachers and classmates can keep in touch. SS's teacher was very excited about following SS's journey. I did warn her that it would be at least a week from Thursday before we post.

P has declared our kitchen officially closed, so we went for dinner. Our smiling Sula turned into everything-makes-me-cry Sula. She is hyper sensitive and we have yet to leave. P is already regretting his decision to agree to start work next Monday. A move like this is difficult under such a tight deadline. Bygones, this is it, we have to suck it up and just do it.

How off is SS? For the first time ever, we had to remind her to mind her manners during dinner. She was loud, we were seating in the bar area, with two TVs blaring a basketball game, people all around us chatting, regular bar noise, and SS's voice rose above all that mayhem. When it was time to wash her hands, SS wailed when her tummy "hit" (it merely brushed) the edge of the sink. P confirmed how loud SS cried, he actually heard her, something seemingly impossible, given the distance and noise level. When SS's pepperoni pizza arrived we were relieved, a nice distraction. SS happily munched on our fries and onion rings while her pie cooled off. Then she took one bite and quickly spit it out, it was too hot. It really wasn't, but SS fell apart. We know we have to be patient, this is SS's fourth significant life change, and she is only five. We keep reassuring her that forever Mamas and Babas never leave.

We can't wait for JJ to arrive tomorrow. The plan was for him to come after work (8 p.m.) tonight, unless it was raining. JJ does not care for driving in inclement weather, especially at night. Is he really my child? JJ is a very cautious driver, unlike his mother. I think when we get SS's karyotype, we should get a DNA test on JJ, because I think he was switched at birth. I was there, fully conscious when he was born. But he was taken away to the nursery shortly after, and come to think of it, looked different when I saw him next. Ironically, the week before JJ's birth, the hospital actually had that nightmare scenario. If I recall correctly the parents were home when the blunder was discovered.

Sorry about the rambling, too tired to think coherently. Tomorrow morning we pick up the truck at 8:00 a.m. Then the really fun part begins. The plan is to leave Thursday morning as early as possible. Driving the entire way in one day might not be so wise. SS is the most unstable variable, we need to work around her needs. We are probably going to revise our plan to drive through, then spend Thursday night in a hotel in our new town. Maybe we should drive eight hours Thursday, then the remaining four on Friday. We have an appointment at 1:00 p.m. to sign the lease. As long as we are there by that time, we should be fine. The down side is that we won't be able to begin unloading until at least 3:00 p.m. It's going to be a pain in the rear end to start so late. We are grateful that JJ is helping, but also feel guilty. Work, come here and load, drive 12 hours, unload, then catch a 6:00 a.m. flight Sunday morning. JJ is going to leave his car at the airport here, then a three hour drive to his home. He and P are going to be beyond exhausted next Monday morning at work.

We still have a refrigerator to purchase, and it must be done before we leave. UGH.

One day.....

P found this mask that he purchased his first Halloween with us. SS took one look at him and ran out of the garage.

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