Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Best laid plans...

You go to bed thinking about how much you have to do the next day, before enduring the drive from hell home. Fast forward, and you find yourself at an imaging center, with a document that reads "r/o DVT." Not in our plans for yesterday, but P insisted I be examined, given the long drive ahead. SS was already showing signs that her fears had resurfaced. Every time we arrived at a destination, she would anxious ask if she was coming too, or would subtly remark "we all go inside." It's not like we are frequently leaving her. The last thing we needed to add was a trip to urgent care.

P had an appointment next door, so it was just SS and I. Initially she was OK, making herself at home, watching Gnomeo and Juliet. She was her usual exploratory self in the exam room while the nurse took my vitals. The doctor came in an examined me, a non invasive exam. SS has seen way worse than that. When the doctor was done, SS immediately demanded to be held, and said she was scared. I was in serious pain, and was not to lift to avoid exacerbating an injury. But there's no way I would refuse to comfort my child.

When SS was reunited with Baba she immediately buried her face in the crook of his neck. By the time we made it to the imaging center she was about to burst.The fish helped SS forget for a few minutes. We assured SS that the tech was only going to take a picture of my leg and, that it would not hurt at all. The latter a blatant but necessary lie. By the time we were done, we were way behind schedule, and had not achieved squat. P and I were very anxious. Although exhausted and scared, SS was surprisingly enthusiastic about the next order of business, and pretty much made the decision for us. We were lucky that even tough we left at 4:15, the bumper to bumper traffic was not flowing in the opposite direction.

The drive home was a lot smoother, even though we were past the exhausted mark. Maybe the relief of not having to return eased all of our minds. SS took a one hour and forty five minute nap. After dinner we placed her in her comfy footy pajamas, stumbled upon our secret weapon, and settled for the drive home. This time I did all the driving, it helped distract from the pain. Plus, it was a good way to have P walk a mile in my shoes. Tending to SS while zooming down the freeway without eating windshield, or flying to the back of the van.

Yesterday SS scored cool Van shoes from the Outlets.

Me and my shadow.

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