Thursday, March 29, 2012

Double uh oh!

I called JJ around 9:30 yesterday morning, because I was worried, I had not received a text from him letting me know he was on his way. P dismissed my concern, he was sure JJ was well on his way, and just forgot to text. When JJ answered it was obvious I woke him, and he sounded groggy and congested as expected. JJ, SS and I are always congested in the mornings, no matter how well we are doing health wise. JJ apologized for over sleeping, and said he would be on his way shortly. But when he arrived I immediately realized that JJ was not well. Had I known he was ill, I would have told him to stay home, get well, and P and I would have handled the move. JJ said that he went to work sick the previous day, and that it was no big deal, because he has done that many times before. Then when he came home "my body gave up, I hurt all over, and I just crashed." JJ is an insomniac, so going to bet at 9:00 p.m. is way out of the norm. What are the odds of the three of us crashing like that? Maybe it is coincidence, or maybe we all are equally stressed out.

At around noon P called to get a status on our truck and car trailer. Ms. Budget dumb ass rep told P that the trailer we reserved was there this morning, but she rented it to someone who was going to Eureka "but I knew he'll be back by 4." WTF? We had a reservation for 8 a.m., we had a freaking schedule. Then when she called to let us know it was available, she mentioned that it was damaged, the hydraulic jack was not working. But it was no big deal, because we could use our own jack to unhitch the trailer. We so wanted to strangle the living daylights out the freaking moron. This set us back a whole day and we were not happy campers. We made our third call to Budget, and expect compensation.

JJ reassured us that he was feeling fine, but it was obvious he was in discomfort. He hardly touched his dinner, that definitely raised red flags with us. JJ brought the Star Wars prequels for SS's viewing enjoyment. We needed her entertained and out of our way, while we unhitched the trailer, then worked on getting the truck in our small parking area. A while back P purchased a glow in the dark sword for SS. Don't know why, but it ended in our freezer. It became SS's light saber, and she had a blast fighting along with the characters in the movie.

P and JJ did a lot, given how late we started. At around eleven JJ's breathing was concerning me, and he felt dizzy and nauseous. But he did not want to slow down, because we had so much to do. At the same time SS told me it was time for her to go to sleep in her sleeping bag. I asked JJ to lie next to her in the mattress, and that we would wake him up when we needed him. He was out in no time, snoring away, just like SS.

This has been an awfully stressful move, and can't wait to be at our destination. Needless to say we have not had time to shop for a refrigerator. When we were at Costco we walked by a small refrigerator, the kind to use in dorms, or in hotel rooms. I jokingly told P that we would have to end up with one of those until we had the time to shop. P thought it was a good idea, a good sign that he is exhausted. He noted that we have a freezer, all we need a refrigerator for is milk, juice and a few other things. I asked him what we were going to do with the mini fridge once we buy a full size one. P had it covered, it will be used upstairs, gee, G0d forbid we make the long trek downstairs for a glass of water. We'll see if he meant it.

Going to try to get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be even more brutal.

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