Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rough day.

We had such a wonderful day yesterday. We made progress towards our move, that was a great psychological boost. We also received amazing news regarding a friend's health scare. The word benign had us exhaling in relief, and made me tear up. Then we had the crap fest that was today. I was able to talk to three very supportive individuals, and received the same advise. P is royally pissed, but I know that he is hurt. I wish I could say I'm surprised, nah, not at all. I am tired though, disgusted that this is even an issue. I was not offended, and it sucks that I wasn't, because it means that it was expected. Right now my focus is on getting ready for the next chapter in our lives. SS is an amazing creature, she is loved by so many. She is not worth less because she is adopted, we hurt for her just like we would for a bio child. If only the rest the world would feel the same. Bottom line is I refuse to waste my precious time and energy ruminating about this. I reached out but did not get the courtesy of a call back. Like JJ said "FUCK IT!"

11 days til M day...

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