Tuesday, March 20, 2012

She has the cough.

SS did not go to school today, because our baby was up coughing last night. even after a good dose of med, it took almost an hour for the coughing to stop. We were not surprised when SS complained of a tummy ache. At a point she whined "I have the cough." We did not have the heart to wake her up for school, we allowed her to get he rest she needed. I did not get much done today, my focus was on making SS comfortable, and trying to get her to eat, and drink. She ate very little, but it's understandable.

SS is doing amazingly well at asking questions, instead of making statements. SS still throws her Yoda speak here and there. Heck, old habits are hard to eradicate overnight. One thing she can't help is still saying "I need that _____." That drink, that spoon, that fork, etc. We can't get her to say a spoon, a fork, a blanket, whatever. Then there's "the cough," "the tummy ache." Hopefully it won't affect her assessment for the immersion program.

9 days til M day...

Another year, another school picture where SS looks like the perfect little feminine girl. We are so happy that she is flawed, that she loves super heroes, that she dreams, and uses her imagination. We are proud that she is not swayed by what others want her to be. Come on, she is into Darth Vader! Now that takes guts.

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