Friday, March 30, 2012

Harris Ranch lunch stop.

We are taking it easy, why rush? No matter how hard we try, we are not in control. P is still exhausted, wants a good night's rest before tackling unloading the truck. We have another five hours to drive, then a nice soak in a hot tub at the hotel, followed by well deserved rest. Since our inconsiderate lease agent kept changing our appointment, we are returning the favor. We hope he enjoys getting up early to work on a Saturday. Yeah, we are evil that way. On a positive note, no rain, it's warm, and we see color all around us. It's good to be on our way back home.

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Brenda said...

I stop at Harris Ranch if I'm going up the 5. I normally go up the 101 to the bay area. I buy the stuff out of their refrigerator in their gift shop. I don't take the time to make a "real" lunch stop. Hope all goes smoothly the rest of the way. Godspeed and be safe!