Thursday, March 01, 2012

Birthday planning.

After Cowboy's birthday party last year, SS made up her mind that she wanted her 5th birthday party at Chuck E. Ch**se. It's pricey ($12 per child, no cake provided) but we owe SS big time. Then SS attended two birthday parties and things got complicated. A friend had her party at a place with lots of inflatable fun things. SS has been shy regarding those fun houses, but really came out of her shell. The birthday girl is a girly girl and all the gifts were princess themed. Poor SS would get excited whenever a gift was about to be opened, only to be the only child who did not ohhhed and ahhed about the pink and lavender gifts. Girly stuff notwithstanding, SS announced that she wanted to have her birthday party there. So we looked into that possibility.

Then another birthday invite came along and this one was a decorate your own cupcake party. SS was in icing heaven. She did not finish either of her carefully crafted cupcakes. She actually gave the big one away to a boy to take home. I guess she was full from just working on them. The birthday girl is also princess crazy so SS did not bother to look at the gifts. On the drive home SS informed us that she wanted her birthday party to be a decorate your own cupcake party. UGH, I know that it is a woman's prerogative to change her mind, but come on!

She received a third invitation and we decided to skip that party because it was at yet another place, and the last thing we wanted was for SS to have yet another change of heart. Another concern we had was how to make it clear that SS is not a princess loving girl. We asked the teachers what the birthday child liked, but not sure many parents do the same. We have such ingrained gender roles expectations and just go along.

We booked Chuck E. Ch**se for March 10, and hope the Light*ng McQu**n invitations are enough of a hint that SS is not a doll loving girl. SS's birthday sadly coincides with some possible major changes in our lives. Not ready to post now, as we have a lot of loose ends to tie. Since SS will enter kindergarten in the Fall this is also a farewell to her classmates. I can't believe our baby is almost 5, and yes almost because I am hanging on to every last second as a four year old. We hope that the stability and consistency we have strived to provide for SS will pay off when we are all gobsmacked by the upcoming changes. We took our time transitioning SS into half days at preschool, then to full days. This time we will have to work at warp speed and our main focus will be SS and her adjustment.

Now all I have to do is order the Light*ng Mcqu**n cake and put together the goodie bags. JJ will be here, which will be a big help for us. Also gives us the opportunity to celebrate his birthday, albeit early. SS's birthday, March 15, is on a Thursday, we opted to celebrate early, because the next option was March 17, St' Patrick's day. Did not want to risk to be in the midst of libation celebrations.

So far SS has requested a LM Mack Truck, Penguin Dream Lite, and Legos. We think we can handle that.

SS decided to place the frosting on its ultimate destination.

Who, me? Nah I was not sucking the frosting.

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