Friday, March 09, 2012

Freaking fantastic at five.

This morning SS had her five year old check up. When we scheduled her appointment we had no idea it would be SS's last with Dr. S. SS is holding steady at 32 pounds and thirty-nine and three quarter inches in height. Nurse L recalled that whether it is weight or height SS ends up with a lot of three quarters. Gone are the days when SS would flip out, she now happily walks to the scale, and does not mind having her vitals checked.

SS received a clean bill of health, except for redness in one ear (from her last cold), and the fact that she has allergies. We need to have her ear examined as soon as we settle in our new home, and now need to look for an allergy specialist. Hopefully the change in environment will help. I never had a problem with asthma or allergies, until freaking Humboldt County. I am really hoping that I will fare better. Maybe the same will happen to SS.

JJ arrived and SS is as happy as can be. She is rather hyper, maybe because of tomorrow. Dr. S was surprised and stated she had never seen SS so active. Hyper is not a fair assessment, because SS was behaving the way most kids do when in a small space. It's just that everyone expects more of her.

We are going shopping for a cute outfit for SS, and then we are introducing JJ to a S0nic limeade. I can't believe that we never took him there. And just in time because there are no S0nics in So Cal.

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