Monday, March 26, 2012

Super Guy goes to school.

Although we have tried to keep SS's schedule as consistent as possible, we are glad we sent her to school today. P usually drives her, but this morning he was out, I don't know when it is the last time P was in bed past 6:00 a.m. The guy was completely worn out. I took Super Guy to school, and it was funny how her friends were so happy to see SS wearing her mask and cape. They are well aware of her love of super heroes, and were so cute when complimenting SS, and vying for her attention. I took SS's picture with Ms. T and Ms. C, they both opted for SS keeping her costume on.

After taking the mask and cape from SS, I grabbed coffee, came home, left said coffee for P, and went to run some errands. By the time I returned P was up, caffeinated and plowing through our room. I tackled SS's, being careful to separate the clothes that she wore in China. Those we are keeping for her. We had a nice lunch, ran some errands, then tiredness hit us again. P crashed for about an hour, but I was in too much pain to fall asleep. After SS came home we tackled the garage and made quite a bit of headway. It was a good reminder of why sending SS to school was not only good for her but for us. It's difficult to get things done with SS constantly underfoot, and picking up everything we box. We rewarded ourselves by watching The Voice. We never watched American Idol, for me, it was the humiliation factor that turned me off. But us three are really TV fans. It's cool to watch SS rooting for her favorites.

One of the things we needed to do today was reconsider the truck we reserved. We wondered if we really needed the largest truck. Taking in consideration we are towing a car, it would be nice to go with a smaller truck. Since I will be, for the third time, driving that behemoth, I was hoping to go smaller. P disagreed, noting that if we miscalculated, it would be a witch to unload, get another truck and reload. Sure, easy for him to argue that point when he gets to drive a normal size car.

How did I become the designated moving truck driver? I was bamboozled almost 15 years ago. When we moved from southern California, the plan was for P and I to take turns. We had the longest U Haul, and were towing a car. When we made it to the halfway point (Harris Ranch) P admitted that he was nervous about driving, and that since I had driven half way, really it should not be that difficult to complete the drive. One thing I have learned is that if you are scared of something, when your confidence is not there, it is a recipe for disaster. OK, I was scared too, but someone had to do it, and JJ was only fourteen. I was really scared out of my mind when we hit 101, with the stinking narrow, winding roads. JJ chose to drive with me, and that is saying a lot, because he can't stand my driving. I knew it took a lot for him to sit next to me in such a big vehicle. It was a really nice thing for a teenager to do for his Mom. We made it safely, with a slight detour when we were stopped by the CHP. We had the tow that only holds the front wheels, and our car was fish tailing something awful. Apparently they had been receiving phone calls for miles about our seemingly dangerous situation. Getting a suitable tow in the middle of nowhere cost us quite a few hours.

When we planned the move here, P was once again the voice of reason, and suggested I do the driving. After all, if I drove on 101, the drive here, eerily similar, would be a piece of cake. Plus this time we were not towing a car. Once again I was behind the wheel, still scared, but we had to get here somehow. This time P took umbrage when I mentioned that this would be my last time behind the wheel. He rewrote history and claimed that he was only afraid of driving on winding roads, freeways were not a problem. One problem with that, why was I the one driving first, on nice, straight, easy, breezy I-5? Gotcha! P was very offended and stated he would drive this time. But here's the thing, almost fifteen years ago I made that long drive with JJ by my side. I think it's neat that he'd be next to me on our drive back home. If JJ was not joining us, I'd thrown P under the bus, you know, return the favor.

P was still offering to drive until we went to take a look at the truck we reserved, and he almost lost his lunch. He thought there was no way that was the right size, and darn, that's without towing a car. No sh*t Sherlock, it's the same size we have used twice before. I'm taking my chances with JJ, who gallantly offered to drive for his injured mother. Also, if I am going to be all fired up condemning traditional gender roles, then I better show my daughter that I mean it. Still, this is the last time. And P sweetened the deal by offering Knott's/Soak City season passes. I think my selflessness deserves D*sney season passes. :)

Two days people...

According to SS this is Mama on a helicopter.

Weather here.

Weather there, looking forward to there, because packing and driving in the rain sucks big time.

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