Friday, March 02, 2012

Maybe she has one of those faces.

Today SS and I had to run errands. Our usual errand day is about making multiple stops and constantly on the move. Not today, our errand day was going to be about waiting. I was concerned that SS would not take the change in routine well. After making sure SS had breakfast in hand I stopped to get 44 ounces of ice cold caffeine. The past week has taken a toll on us and I was functioning on auto pilot. When it was our turn to pay, the clerk pointed at SS and said "OMG she's the SCUBA diving baby!" Huh? The clerk reminded me that P and I had SS in a wetsuit when she was really little and that she thought it was the coolest thing she had seen. True, she reminded me the next two times she saw me. She then commented on how much SS has grown. Uh yeah, that encounter happened two years ago when we took SS kayaking for the first time. The kicker is that she still fits in that wetsuit. But we are rewarding her with a real one this summer. Guess SS has one of those faces, plus we also live in a "very conservative" area.

SS was her spectacular self, aided by a gigantic drink and junk food,and stickers. Waiting around for two hours is no fun, even if you get to walk aimlessly around. Who knew all that time in doctor's offices and hospitals because of me would actually pay off.

Days like today remind us how comfortable we are with our trade offs. SS is incredibly high maintenance, we are thankful that we could focus on her when she came home. Otherwise it would have been brutal for SS, and the other child(ren). She demands attention, and can be quite
ornery when we do not kowtow to her whims. SS invades our bed, then has the gall to become belligerent when we deposit her in her own. I'm sure if I wasn't so tired I could go on. On the other hand, at the tender age of 16 months her world was turned upside down, and she managed better than her peers. SS did not fuss once during the exhausting journey home. Not a peep people. She made up for it when we introduced her to the barbaric act of being safely strapped on a carseat. Can't blame her. We have never had to make a hasty exit because she is being disruptive, whether it is at a church, library or a restaurant. We have received compliments one every flight she has been. Many times people were not aware that a child was between us until we started removing her safety device. And now it turns out she can do the waiting game, without having everyone around her wishing she shuts up or gets badly hurt and has to leave. We'll gladly keep what we have, for as long as it lasts. SS could you please make it last until you move out? Also, how about no dating/kissing/anything further until you are 45? That will certainly make you stand out among your peers.

SCUBA Baby (April 18, 2009). She was so small and had short baby hair. Also, it was almost three years ago, that lady has a good memory.

SS had her first taste on an Orange Julius a few weeks after arriving home. Back then she was still using a bottle, now she can suck about three quarters of the large size.

Yummy pretzel with crappy cheese product sauce while watching D0ra.

SS had leftover stickers from her trips last year. I will no longer gripe about the price.

SS also entertained herself longer than it's considered healthy holding and whispering sweet things to her birthday invitation. I am hoping that is enough of a hint that there will be no pink sparkly things at her party.

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