Monday, March 12, 2012

Cars, cars, everywhere cars.

We are shamelessly admitting that our age has caught up with us. We spent Sunday hanging out, an euphemism for recuperating from spending two hours around children. They were more like banshees. Kids are high maintenance creatures, and it works out better to just have one young child at a time. Worked out beautifully with JJ and SS. They have a sibling, but raised as only children.

SS chose to open Aunt D's gift first, because she spotted something related to her new obsession. SS received a puzzle.

A poster.

A Star W@rs coloring book.

J gifted SS a giant C@rs coloring pages. Just before leaving J's mother approached me, and stated that J mentioned SS was a C@rs fan, not to get her a girly gift. But J's mom was surprised at the extent of SS's fixation. I told her about SS's new found love for D@rth V@der, and she was impressed. The mom began to gush about how cool SS is. D and I were surprised, because her daughter is a princess, glitter, pink loving child. I recall SS's frustration at J's birthday party when all the gifts were princess related. And here was her mom dissing princess loving girls and squealing over how cool my child is. I'm a pretty lousy mother, but at least I don't dis my kids. As in to others, I dis them privately.

From L, a C@rs giant balloon, a dinosaur DVD (L is into dinosaurs) and a back hoe. L knows his girl well.

JJ reminisced about the many T0nkas he had as a child. He is right, it is a shame that they are now made of plastic, it's just not the same.

That's a lot of paper.

We were surprised that SS received these three cars, they are pricey. They talk, make other noises, and the headlights work.

JJ bought a neat Finn McMissile Secret Spy Attack toy. It talks and has a lot of cool gadgets. JJ was not aware that FM was a spy, since he has not seen the movies. When he realized how cool the toy was, he took it to work to show his friends. It won't be long before JJ gets one for himself.

We shamelessly reused the C@rs bag JJ used for SS's Christmas gift. It was big,, nice, and we were being kind to the environment.

A floor puzzle and game.

A T0y Story box of projects. It has already found its way to the garage, along with a few things we have bought for the drive down.

They one thing that SS REALLY wanted. P bought her a C@rs activity book, and it had a picture of a Mack truck. SS fell in love with it immediately, but we had no idea if it was made. We lucked out when we went down for P's physical exam. The toy is exclusive to T0ys R Us, we were able to make SS happy. It stores sixteen cars, and SS is toting it around like most girls tote dolls.

As usual, JJ got down to play with SS and explained how to use some of the toys. He's a really good brother.

P was impressed with SS's spy toy. Might have to get him one for his birthday.

Proudly displaying the medallion she received at Chuck E. Ch**se

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