Saturday, March 10, 2012

We love Grandpa's congratulatory style.

On Thursday, after hours of running errands I arrived home, and found a cooler on our doorstep. Grandpa sent a carnivore's dream congratulatory gift for P. We were very pleased with the ones he sent for P's birthday two years ago. P was excited when he came home, then reality set in, we are in the process of getting rid of the contents of our freezer. This time we won't be taking our time savoring the contents of the cooler, we have to be done before we leave. Timing was perfect, JJ is here for two days and is taking one for the team helping us out. Thank you grandpa.

SS awoke fully aware of what is happening today and happily jumped around like a banshee. JJ was still asleep, it was early, but SS made a beeline for the room to wake him up. That is the reason I kept her downstairs with me last night. I managed to catch her in time, reminded her that JJ had a long drive and has been working long hours, he needed to rest. The tears came fast and furious "But is dayTIMEEEEEEEEEEEEE, it's wake up TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE." SS tried to divide and conquer by crying to her Baba, but P held his ground. I'm grateful, because no sleep and pain makes a very cranky K, not at all in the mood to put up with theatrics.

P went to the store to purchase a table cloth. I thought they were provided, but P insisted on having a C@rs tablecloth. P returned with more than planned. Yesterday I saw cute table decorations, but it required a lot of assembly, and for a one hour use. I passed without guilt. Apparently my husband has a weakness for decorations. I gulped when he showed me his purchase with a big smile on his face. P bamboozled JJ into helping him, while I made myself busy making breakfast. SS had several meltdowns, because she could not understand what was wrong with climbing on Baba and JJ while they worked.

SS had a teen moment that I completely set myself up for. I was coaxing SS into eating, and told her that she needed to be strong to be five. SS quickly retorted, "But I'm NOT five." I fully deserve that one, although I did not deserve the laughter from JJ and P. The suckers do not realize they are not immune to her sassiness. I must get back to my tiny bundle of attitude, she is about to have an immediate attitude readjustment.

A cooler full of yummy goodness.

Synchronized digging in, check out SS in the background.

What could bring such a smile to SS's face? Engaging in her favorite pasttime, looking at pictures of herself.

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