Sunday, March 25, 2012

We think we can, we think we can, we...

P has busted his tail the past two days. SS has been letting us know that all the hustling and bustling is unsettling her. Given the circumstances she is doing wonderful, but she is needier. Last night she asked to cuddle with me on the sofa. As soon as her head hit my chest, she was out. Her breathing was deep, SS was completely gone for the night. We are pretty good at gauging when we can safely place SS in her bed. Well, in this case it was SS's sleeping bag in the living room. When I began to shift SS held on to me for dear life, and frantically cried "Don't leave me, please don't leave me, I'm scared." Poor Baby's heart was racing, I just soothed her, held her tight, and waited over an hour to move her. I had a very numb arm, but worth the discomfort. We are hoping that being at school, where things are consistent, and JJ's arrival will boost SS's confidence. Today she had to make sure that P was really upstairs. Not even hearing his voice was sufficient to convince SS. Maybe that is why Super Guy emerged today.

I don't know why P is so sold on that Siri gal, because we have had our very own nag since July 8, 2008. SS reminded me about her mask and cape waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy before stuck up Siri used her annoying voice to make me aware. After getting our caped crusader her outfit, we dropped by H0me Dep0t, to look at a refrigerator. SS insisted on taking off her rain jacket, and wearing her mask and cape. Sure, who am I to deny her the pleasure to stick out like a sore thumb. I really admire SS's "I am who I am, step off and let me be" attitude. At her age I would have been hiding behind Mami and Papi, not flaunting my male identified mask and cape.

SS was OK with the refrigerator Baba had scouted, but she is definitely a more bells and whistles type of gal. SS is a staunch size does matter supporter. Next to our stainless steel target was a very similar model, but in black. SS asked me if I liked the refrigerator Baba picked, I said it was OK. SS then scrunched her nose and stated "Nah, I like the black one better." Since they were practically the same, I asked SS why; "Because is matches Darth Vader Mama!" Great, now we are making major appliance decisions based on what super hero our daughter is fancying at the moment. Sorry SS, we out voted you, stainless steel it is.

When we returned home SS made herself busy building a Lego helicopter and pilot. She still had to see me, but it allowed me the time to work in the kitchen. It also allowed P some breathing room from SS's constant checking. When SS was done she retrieved some of her other Lego figures, because her helicopter guy needed friends. SS even threw in a tiny Buzz into the mixture. SS was really into her imaginary play, making different voices for each figure. Then the following exchange had me wondering what the heck we are teaching this child:

Figure 1: Let's have a quiet dinner.
Figure 2: I can't even remember.
Figure 1: I love you so much.
Figure 2: I love you too.

Three days...

Say what???!!! OMFG (as in freaking), really? Only three days? There's no place like home, there's no place like home. Shoot, it did not work. Oh well, we are winding down, getting ready to snuggle in bed, watch The Amazing Race, and hopefully an early bedtime.

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