Saturday, March 03, 2012

We are so proud of SS.

Except for a 30 second bout of crankiness, and some tears when we were stuck in traffic, SS was her spectacular self. Although she was looking forward to the pool since she left home, the first thing out of her mouth upon arrival was "Where's Aunt Michelle?" Ouch. She knows Aunt Michelle lives in the area (about an hour away) and SS assumed she would be here for pool time. We are surprised she remembered. Her sadness made us feel awful. Michelle, you have a fan. :) SS wants you to be her personal Disneyland guide. Obviously not this time.

SS is now helping Baba unload the van. We are going to give her pool time, kudos and attention until she gets sick of us. We also have to treat her to something special to make up for putting her through that hellish drive, and doing it again Monday. Yuck! If we are fortunate we will all be in bed in a few hours.

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