Friday, March 16, 2012

Sleep deprived, yet surprisingly productive.

SS did not go to bed until 4:27 a.m. Being the Energizer Bunny, she was up at 8:00 a.m. What could keep such a young child up so late? SS was not sick, she was in a Leg0/InnoTAB haze. We allowed SS to open her gifts as soon as she came home yesterday, thinking that she would have them out of her system by bedtime. Man, this is not our first rodeo, yet we managed to underestimate our daughter's ability to hyper focus. Is not like we have had years of experience with her creepily similar older brother. I desperately needed to sleep, but SS kept herself busy, without a care about the time.

I could not ask P for help, because this is his crazy Friday. He works until 5 or 6 in the afternoon on Thursday, goes to be at 7:oo p.m., then goes to work at 1:00 a.m. I don't think I will be missing his crazy Fridays. P comes home, eats lunch, then naps for a few hours. Not today, because we planned on getting rid of a few big items. P asked his coworker and friend M,(aka Michelle‘s eye candy) to help, because I can't lift more than 10 pounds. Unlike the insomniac he married, P does not do well when he is sleep deprived, but today he absolutely amazed me. We are definitely running on "we are finally returning home" adrenaline.

Since I could not sleep, at 3:00 a.m. I set up utilities for our new home, and reserved the moving truck. Gotta love the Internet, gone are the days of standing in line, or waiting 40 minutes while listening to crappy elevator music when moving. By that time SS was done with her Leg0s and had moved on to obsessing about her new InnoTAB game. Abuela and Abuelo, rest assured that your money did not go to waste, SS LOVES her InnoTAB and we have a feeling that it will be heavily used on the long drive south. The tab can play movies, MP3s, games (we only allow SS to have educational games), and has three art programs. By the time SS said "Mama, I'm done, I have had enough," I was beyond tired. What happens when I'm at that point? I can't sleep. UGH.

When P came home I was FUBR'd. The plan was to dispose of our gas grill, the sleeper portion of the sectional, coffee and end tables, and patio table. I had reserved a small U H@aul truck for the task. I was a tad sad to see the grill go to the county dump. I asked P to inquire if anyone at work wanted it. I bought that grill as a Father's day gift to P; just like I had given him a much less expensive one as his first Father's day gift almost 15 years ago. P was adamant that the grill had weathered too much time outdoors, under inclement weather and was not salvageable.

When M arrived he was met by a smiling SS, who thinks of him the same way as her Aunt Michelle. :) When he saw the grill he told P that he had friends who could really use it, and asked if it was OK to call them. M's friends are students, struggling financially, and in need of the basics. Not only did they want the grill, but the sofa, coffee/end tables, and the patio table (JJ is taking the chairs). P was surprised at how happy and appreciative they were. Those guys saved us between $70 to $100 in dump fees, they were doing us a favor. I am glad that the grill is going to get more use. It was not that expensive (only paid about $400), but it held sentimental value. I know I will be getting a better one for P in the future. And now we know better, our next grill is going to be stored in the garage during the rainy season. It felt good to be rid of those items.

13 days til M day...

SS's first Leg0 figure, her Baba.

SS built a car for herself and Baba.

So cute that the SS figure is playing with a tire. Where does she get this stuff from?

SS would look at the instruction booklet, then meticulously look at the diagram on the bucket, to discern what she needed. That diagram was overwhelming to us, no idea how SS found what she needed.

SS was very demanding about me taking pictures of her masterpieces.

When SS stated that she was done with the Leg0s for the night I was ecstatic. Silly me, it only meant that SS was ready to burn hours playing with her InnoTAB. While happy that she loves her gift from the Abus', I was less than enthusiastic, I really needed to sleep.

Waiting at the U H@ul rental place. SS just can't get enough of her C@rs games, story and art activities.

13 days til M day...

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