Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abu's last day with SS.

SS has not been as clingy with Abu this week. We think that although thrilled to see Abu and Grandpa, the extra stimuli took its toll on our daughter. P, trying to be kind, made have worsen the situation. He really felt bad for Abu and "encouraged" SS to get closer. I finally had to ask him if he would have done that with anyone else. He admitted that no, he would not, but that Abu is a special case. I reminded P that the last time someone encouraged SS to get close to two very loving strangers, she ended up losing everything and everyone she knew. It is perfectly understandable that SS would want to put some distance between herself, and her loving Abu.

So we let SS be herself, and did not place her in Abu's arms or in bed with her at night. Yesterday, something changed with SS and she woke up looking for her Abu. Great timing kid, because it is the last day you have. Abu bathed and dressed SS, without any protest or whining. When Abu warmed up her lunch, SS ate half of it, and allowed Abu to feed her. This was very helpful for me, because I was working on a 5-page post placement questionnaire, for our home study agency.

In the afternoon I spent an hour on the phone with a social worker, discussing SS's post placement time. There is no way I could have done it without Abu. SS even fell asleep on Abu's arms. I mean, our tiny vortex of energy napped!

To avoid SS's wrath, we have decided against confining her to her carseat for six hours in one day. P rented two rooms near the airport, and is taking tomorrow off work. Abu departs at 7:20 a.m., and instead of waking up at 2:00 a.m., we'll get to sleep until 5:00 a.m. Did I mention that SS won't be in carseat hell for six hours?

We had a quick dinner and headed out. SS squealed with delight when P played the 101 Dalmatians DVD. OMG, she was SO funny and kept saying "Whoa!" Abu was surprised by SS's attention span. She did not look away from the screen for about an hour. Halfway through our drive, SS decided that she was done with her carseat and had a meltdown. We stopped, and I changed her diaper, changed her into her PJs and wrestled her into the carseat. P calls the Br*tax, the Cadillac of carseats; SS obviously differs. Thankfully, she calmed down after a while and finished her movie.

Abu was hoping that SS would sleep with her, but when I tried to leave their room, SS had a meltdown. I felt bad, but I did not want to upset SS and have her up, wailing all night. SS was her curious self, touching everything in the room, and totally uninterested in sleep. She was chasing her tail until midnight. I have no idea how we managed to sleep in such a small bed.

Yeah Abu, there is no reason for me not to wear the slippers Nana sent me. Mama and Baba wanted me to wait until they fit, silly people.

Dr. S thinks that SS should be able to walk up and down these stairs without assistance. What do you think? Although SS shot up 3 inches, she is still short legged.

See how this works guys? I eat, and Abu rewards me with chocolate pudding, EACH time. Also, she bought me a cool duck chair, because I am such a good girl.

Last moments home with SS.

Abu, Mama and Baba help me walk downstairs. I like your way better.

So, you are going back to say goodbye to Abuelo, gather your things, and then you move in, right?

Mmmm, rice and beans for lunch and dinner.

Abuelo, 101 Dalmatians is a great movie.

Mama, this is an awfully small bed. Where are you planning to sleep?

She valiantly fought sleep until a few minutes after midnight.

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