Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby S scrutinizes her shadow and I learn to let go.

Yesterday afternoon, during our outside bubble time, Baby S scrutinized her shadow for the first time. At least that I have noticed. It happened by chance, as Baby S was happily following her beloved bubbles. A few times, she stopped to look at her shadow, reflected on the wall. But since there were bubbles to be chased, she did not stay long. Baby S has a strong play ethic.

Then we took a break from the bubbles and she walked over to the wall. I did what I always do, tried to explain what she was seeing. Baby S lifted her arm and began to trace the outline, but when she "saw" her shadow doing the same, she turned on her heels and ran to me, yelling "Mama!" Literally scared by her own shadow. Heh.

Once she was safely standing between my legs, she turned around to look at her tormentor. Her baffled face was priceless. She looked up at me, clearly confused. After all, that horrendous thing was there, she saw it, and now, poof, it was gone. I walked over to the wall with her and we messed with our shadows for a while. Hopefully there is no long term trauma.

It is moments like this that make the long wait worth every second. I am also grateful for every second I get to spend with my daughter.

P and I were cleaning our cupboards this evening, and I finally had to face the fact that it was time to get rid of Baby S's bottles. She has not taken a bottle since November, so why did I keep them? I could claim plain laziness, and anyone who knows me could vouch for me. But the truth is that I was not ready to let go. I rationalized keeping them by telling myself that if she got sick she might regress. Or if her sleep issues returned she might regress. It was blatantly obvious that Baby S had moved on. She had given up the bottles, buried them in the past, in a very deep hole, and built a parking lot over their resting place. SIGH. I actually got teary eyed as I removed them. We have very limited space, and the amount of cupboard real estate occupied by her bottles came at a high cost. Baby S also has plates and a few sippy and straw cups.



Baby S has been VERY clingy the past two days. Skipping her naps is not helping her disposition. She was getting a little too rambunctious and at 8:00 I decided to get her in her PJs and place her in the Ergo. The last time I used the Ergo was during a hike in October. When P placed her in, she complained, but was fine in a few minutes. She likes it when I dance, and she was having a good time, bopping her head to the music, and grabbing at everything she could. P was outside when I felt her dead weight on me. I went to check in the bathroom mirror, and sure enough, she was out. She was holding Funky Dog and a bathroom glass. P was surprised when he saw me walk out of the house with a camera in my hand. Just had to get this. I still love my Ergo, if you are considering a baby carrier, shell out the $92. Ours paid for itself our first week in China.

Some things never change, From the first time we placed her in the Ergo, Baby S is more comfortable placing her left arm out, and keeping her right arm inside. It cracked us up, and here she is still doing the same.

Sleep well Baby S, because tomorrow is going to be long and memorable. You will meet your Abuela, and if you think we fuss over you, hang on tight. You have seen nothing yet. :)

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