Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goodbye Abu :(

We were so tired that our internal clocks failed us, today of all days. Abu called my cell at 5:00 a.m., wondering what was up with us. With a boarding time of 6:50 a.m., we were due at the airport in fifty minutes. I assured Abu that we had plenty of time, and that we would be at her room as soon as we showered and dressed. As soon as I ended the call, P and I began the didn't-you-set-your-alarm-oh-sh*t-I-can't-believe-we-overslept-for-the-first-time-today panicked scramble. Thankfully, we work well as a team (one of the few benefits of being an island of three), and we got out in record time.

We arrived just in time to check in and walk Abu to security. I felt awful, but in hindsight, it kept Abu from becoming a sobbing wreck. SS waved bye to Abu, and even smiled. After all, she does that with Baba every morning and he returns. P and I were hoping to postpone the where's Abu drama as long as possible. Like, until we see Abu again, but I think that is asking too much. A chocolate milk did the trick leaving the airport, and two DVDs took care of the drive home.

I drove again, and P checked flight prices. There are still two persons that SS MUST meet. One of them, we have been trying to fit in since arriving home. The problem is, that both entail a cross country flight, and until now, we were certain that SS was not ready. We are hoping that by June, she will be able to handle a CA to NY flight, a two day stay in NY, then a NY to PR flight. The other problem is that P has no vacation time available (China, China, China). By June, he should be able to get a few days off. If we pull it off, we get both the NY and PR meetings done, and will finally be at peace. If we make it to PR, P will have to return home after 2-3 days tops. Yep, that leaves me all alone on the trek home, with a very active and stubborn 2-year old. It can't be any worse than escorting teenage runaways or medically fragile infants. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course SS will easily make me wish I was traveling with the former and the latter. Still, we are willing to give it a shot. Time, finances and SS permitting.

We had been home less than half an hour, when P caused SS's first "ABU!" fit. Thank G-d it was not me. She has been looking for and asking for Abu since. Abu is going to have to get a web cam, to give SS her Abu fix.

It's 2:13 p.m. and SS is in dreamland. Sweet one hour reprieve. :)

Abu, thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Also, for being such a soquete to your grandchildren. We are certain that SS will treasure the video, pictures and the memories we will pass on to her.

Baba, I have to look extra pretty for Abu, so do a good job.

Dude, I am awake, showered, dressed, and outside, but it is still dark.

We are such cowards, blatantly distracting our child with chocolate milk. With a three hour drive ahead of us, we wanted to postpone the where's Abu moment as long as possible. Add cold to the coward label.

The grandparents came through for SS again. She grooved to the Nursery Rhymes DVD Nana sent. Then after a quick snooze, SS enjoyed Oliver and Company. Abuelo knows how to pick good dog movies.

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