Sunday, March 22, 2009

JJ and Grandpa bid adieu.

JJ departed this morning, after rescuing SS's slide. He noticed that her slide was across the street, on the basketball court. WTF? How did it get there? We were a bit annoyed at the thought of someone walking to our front yard, and just taking SS's toy. I was hoping that it was kids and not an adult. Later in the afternoon, two girls, approximately 12-years old, came by to ask if the slide was ours. They found it by the corner of our street. We had some pretty strong winds yesterday and last night, and it was blown away. The girls placed it on the basketball court, hoping that the owner would see and retrieve it. We are grateful and very relieved. Next time it gets that windy, we are placing the slide in the garage.

JJ left one set of sneakers behind, and this is confusing SS. She was calling out for her brother all day. Never mind that the rest of his belongings are gone. Abu placed the shoes in the closet to ease SS's confusion.

This evening, we went out to dinner with Grandpa. Abu opted to stay home with SS, hoping to coax her into her arms. SS has been very clingy with P, but more so with her Mama. I was not sure about leaving her home, especially with JJ gone, but P felt it would be good for them.

Abu stated that they had a great time, they watched N00gin, danced and played. But when we arrived, SS squealed "MAMA!" and we both knew we were in for a long night. Our girl did not disappoint us, and had a hellish night. She slept fitfully, with her lower body on top of P, and her upper body on top of me. We lost count of how many times she cried during the night. She is just not there yet, and we need to give her time to trust that we will always return.

We said our goodbyes to Grandpa tonight, as he leaves at 10:30, tomorrow morning. It was so nice to see him again.

Funny how the space is perfect for the four of us. Sorry SS, no room for a little brother.

Great, worse hair day since China.

Last opportunity to play with JJ until next month.

Finally, both looking at the camera.

The tongue strikes again.

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