Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Her own sense of style.

SS definitely has her own sense of style, and it shows. She really amuses us when she picks up a hat and just mugs around. The pictures below were taken last night, and she had us laughing, as usual.

Tell me honestly, don't you wish you looked this good?

This is certainly one of her best looks. Yellow hat, long sleeve pink shirt, orange sippy cup, one sock and no pants. Why be normal?

We had totally forgotten that we bought these jammies. Thanks to Abu's OCD (not kidding about this), they made it from the closet, into her dresser. Abu organized SS's closet, actually, she has reorganized the entire place. We are letting her go crazy, except for our bedroom, that is off limits to her illness. The last thing I need is for P to get up at 5:00 a.m. to find all his clothing moved to a more convenient, efficient area.

Mama, I need more skulls and bones clothing. Wait, and hats, I need more hats.


SS getting to know one of her Christmas presents.

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M3 said...

Adorable!! Ree would definitely approve of the yellow hat. :-)