Saturday, March 07, 2009

Eight months wrapped around Baby S's little finger.

If someone would have told us that we would celebrate monthly, the day we came under the regime of the tiniest dictator, we would have thought it was crazy talk. Here we are, eight months strong, eating crow. Until we met Baby S, Kim J. Jong Il was the tiniest dictator on our radar. We really won the jackpot. :)

Not unlike children her age, Baby S has changed a lot in the past eight months. Physical, developmental, and emotional changes. I've always stated that the first year of JJ's life was a whirlwind and so unfair. He changed so much in that year and it was a bit sad. Imagine having a child for eight months and experiencing as much as we have with Baby S.

The biggest change has been in her sleep habits. P and I would still do it all over again, because those months of co-sleeping have paid off for us. Baby S is more secure and can now play on her own, but still keeps close to us. When Baby S began to sleep on her own, we noticed that her language skills improved significantly. Our little sponge is now a super absorbent sponge. Another friendly reminder to think before we speak.

Baby S is slowly dropping some signs (more and drink come to mind) in favor of the words. We are not ready to have her let go of them. Why? Because my experience with kids is that ASL comes in handy, especially in a crowd. The sign I used the most with JJ was listen, and it worked.

Baby S is picking up more Spanish words. Her favorite is ojos (eyes), and she says it very clearly. Abuela's visit is going to come in handy and we are hoping that our girl learns a lot from her. Baby S calls Abuela and Abuelo "Abu," and recognizes their picture.

Baby S is very good at letting us know when she has a dirty diaper, by making the poop sign. About a month ago, I decided to let P know that she was very accurate, but that I did not feel it was the time to potty train (attachment concerns). P is an easy going guy, he just rolls with what I do; because I have done this before (albeit poorly), my so called professional experience with kids, and I am home with Baby S. But when he thinks he is right, it can get ugly. One afternoon, he came home and Baby S greeted him by doing the poop sign AND saying poop. As we changed her diaper, P asked me how often is she right. Darn, I had to fess up and said 100% . Before I could make my case he stated, "We are not there yet. She gave up her bottles, she sleeps on her own, she is starting to feed herself, she is more independent. We have a function as her parents, I don't think it is appropriate to potty train. She needs to need us." Dude, that was the easiest argument I have never engaged in with him. :).

Today we took Baby S to get her big girl, 2-year old pictures done. The last two pictures are part of the photo shoot. I am posting two of the casual pictures now, and we will post her pretty dress pictures on her birthday. Grandpa, she is wearing one of the many blouses you sent her.

The last picture is a shout out to Auntie C. Even though you and B do not plan on having children, Baby S has decided (with a lot of encouragement from her parents) that she will serenade both of you as a show of gratitude. Just as a thank you. ;) She'll be visiting, with her instruments, often. Do NOT even think as backtracking as her godmother. :)

July 7, 2008

This picture means so much to me. As much as the pictures with JJ that we sent with our dossier. After such a long wait, after the tears and the gloomy days, it was such a great feeling to see P's beautiful smile again.

Baby S with the SWI director.

This one to please P. :) My first bottle with my beautiful baby.

I have not posted this picture before. We had only shared with Abuela and JJ. Baby S and Baby J were from the same SWI, and for some reason that was not clearly explained to us, their passports had been taken care of on July 4th. After our adoptions were final, the four families with children from the Kunming SWI had to process their children's passports. So Baby J, his parents and us remained in the bus (for almost two hours, or so it seemed) while the other families took care of business.

I remembered Baby S taking my finger in her tiny, tender hand. I felt her placing my finger in her mouth, and thought she was just playing. Then I felt them, those sharp tiny teeth. It was not malicious and when I yelped, I really scared her. So what did I do? I asked P to take a picture to keep for posterity.

I know I have posted this picture before, but I just like it. Baby S is so darn angelic when she sleeps. Since she is so active, we have learned to cherish those moments.

March 7, 2009

You have come a long way Baby S.

This one is for Auntie C. Eat your heart out Gene Simmons.

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