Thursday, March 19, 2009

JJ and Grandpa have arrived.

This makes SS happier than a pig in excrement. She now has three adults as a captive audience. They gush over her and think everything she does is funny. It just does not get any better when you are two.

SS surprised us by clearly pronouncing JJ's nickname (only Abu, P and I call him that). Now SS has added herself to the list of the only humans JJ won't mutilate for uttering his nickname.

I just realized that I do not have a picture of Grandpa and SS. OOPS. I'll get pictures tomorrow.

SS is keeping us entertained with her impeccable timing. Just yesterday, Abu mentioned that she has not heard SS say "yes," but has heard plenty of "no." Yeah, typical toddler. Just as Abu finished her sentence, SS turned around, smiled and said "YES!" So there, she even takes requests.

SS has now added Grandpa to her vocabulary, but also calls him Jie Jie (Grandpa in Chinese) and Baba. The latter is done to torture her father. G-d, she is really good.

Tonight, SS was in bed with us and just all over the place. That much excitement has consequences. I was not feeling well and did my usual, move to the foot of the bed. SS was not pleased and pretty much jumped on me (that did not help my upset stomach), cried, screamed and did her Exorcist bit. I picked up my pillow and moved where she wanted me to lay down, next to her. I was frustrated and said, "Here, are you happy now?" SS said, "Happy." Dude, P and I just had to laugh. Ask a stupid question...

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