Friday, March 13, 2009

Two year old well baby check up.

This morning I had to wake up a very cranky Baby S at 9:00 a.m., to make sure we were not late for her 10:15 a.m. appointment. Abu was in the bathroom getting ready and when Baby S finally opened her yes, she looked at the bed, scrunched her face and asked, "Abu?" Well, good morning to you too sunshine.

I brought Baby S into our bathroom for a quick shower and she began to wail and ask for Abu. Dude, we were cutting it close and here she is getting all Fatal Attraction on me. I walked over to the other bathroom, to introduce Baby S to the concept of object permanency. "See, Abu is here, and she will be here when we are done with our shower." Baby S looked at me with reservation but did not cry. Once we were in the shower, she began to cry and repeated "Abu, Abu" several dozen times. Now, Baby S LOVES showers, baths, anything that involves water. As attached as she is to me, if she is bathing with Baba, I am out of her thoughts. So this is something new for me. Life is going to be just peachy when Abu returns home in two weeks.

At the doctor's office, she wanted Abu to hold her. She sat on her lap and was a good girl. BTW, I am so happy with our doctor and the staff. They are really cool, caring, easy going people; even when I manage to forget Baby S's immunization record. They make a possibly uncomfortable and traumatic situation a breeze. I am embarrassed to admit that they immediately realized that Baby S had a decent growth spurt. I was still hanging on to that measly inch growth. P sat this one out, to give Abu the opportunity to attend (small rooms). That was a really nice gesture, and I am not sure I could do the same. See? Pure evil I tell you. We were in constant touch by phone and text messages.

Baby S grew THREE INCHES in three months (she is 33 1/2 inches in length). Our baby girl simply ROCKS! She weighs 20 lbs. 14 oz (gained one pound) and her head circumference remains at 17 1/2 inches. Her hemoglobin is within normal limits, and she is developmentally on track. P was incredulous about the one pound gain and is still convinced that they are wrong, He is convinced that Baby S gained at least three pounds. She is feeling heavier and not as easy to carry around (light weights). Dr. S assured me that Baby S is doing well, she is not losing weight and she is not stagnant. I also understand P's anxiety, he wants Baby S to catch up and to do it now. Not because of a sense of entitlement, but like any parent, he wants to make up for the time she spent at the SWI.

Baby S was not happy when Nurse L pinched her tiny index finger and sucked blood out of it. Like with the shots, I once again took one for the team and held her. I did not want Baby S to associate the pain with Abu. Our girl cried, and tried to pull her hand away. Can't blame her for self-preservation. I don't think we have to worry about blood pacts, or any other rituals involving self mutilation in her future.

Baby S milked the blood episode to the point that Abu felt the need for a sugary treat and a fat laden treat as well. We met P at C0stco for lunch and little did we know that we would become the entertainment at high noon. As I have stupidly stated many times, Baby S is very well behaved in public. We get a lot of comments about her easy going nature. That is, until today. Baby S wanted Abu to hold her, fine, if Abu wants back pain, who am I to deny her the pleasure. She then wanted Abu to feed her, which is cool with me. Then Baby S thought that going from Baba to Mama, then to Abu, and starting again was a freaking blast. P and I put at stop to the pass-Baby S-around-like-a football game and she revolted. A one tiny person revolt, but an efficient one, with an audience that was clearly on her favor.

As usual, Baby S had gathered a lot of attention; so when the pretty girl with the engaging smile began to cry and reach out for Abu, the folks around us took notice. What a mean Mama to make her sit, eat and be still. To add icing to the crap cake, Baby S fell from her seat and landed on her butt. A woman behind me gasped, "I think she hit her head." Great, freaking great. Hey Taun, remember when SSS fell from a table at C0stc0, while four Social Service professionals were sitting around him, and no one caught the little guy? That is how I felt. G-D, I wanted to disappear. Then P informed me that Baby S landed on her butt, but that when I tried to prevent the fall, I kind of hit her head. Thanks Babe, you are always there to provide a silver lining.

We high tailed it out of there, but Baby S was not done. She flatly refused to sit in the shopping cart. Baby S has never done that before and it really threw us off. She flailed around, then went rigid, all while crying. I felt so bad for P, but I was paralyzed. He finally looked at me and pleaded, "Help me, please help me." Being the great, mature, wise wife and mother, I began to laugh uncontrollably. P was also laughing at the absurdity of our situation. He mouthed to me, "You know why she is doing this, right?" By now not only did we have the full attention of the people at the food court, but also that of those waiting in line or walking by. Did I mention that Baby S is going to be two on Sunday?

On our walk to the car, P and I licked our wounds, reassured ourselves that we are a team, we are bigger than her, and we are the ones in control. I did not have the heart to tell him that if she is this way with Abu here, what will happen when she has Abu, Grandpa and her mentor, JJ. Like, say, for FOUR days next week. I could not state the obvious, because if he dies of a heart attack, then I am all alone with Miss Wild Thing.

Yes Abu, Dr. S said that sugary treats were solely responsible for my recent growth spurt. Who are you going to believe, your highly intelligent and trustworthy granddaughter, or those two? Great choice Abu.

We really have to do something to get Baby S and Abu to get along.

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