Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another rainy day.

The weather has been tormenting us for the past few days. We had another day indoors, and I think we have all reached our limit. SS continues her love affair with Abu, and enjoying the concept of getting away with murder. P and I are not concerned, because it is temporary. Although we realize that when Abu returns home, we are going to have a couple of rough weeks. Still, it is so worth it, as they both need to have that time together.

Sunday night, SS fell asleep on P's arms, a first. Until now, she had only done that with me. P was so cute, and you could tell how excited he was. I sometimes forget that he does not get the same experiences as me. SS must feel comfortable now, because she fell asleep on Abu today.

SS is taking after P more everyday, especially when it comes to skipping breakfast. A big no no for a two year old. Right now I am trying to make sure that she at least drinks milk. It does not help that Abu is ready with a pudding cup, instead of waiting for SS to eat her cereal. She is determined to put weight on her granddaughter. We like to stick with nutrition, thank you very much. Again, it's only temporary. :)

Abu made rice and beans for dinner, and SS stuffed her little face. She really surprised me with how much she ate. Just give her pasta and rice and SS is all set. Abu rewarded her with ice cream for dessert. Here's the funny thing, after commenting on how well SS ate, Abu lamented that she did not drink more milk. Mother, where do you expect her to fit said milk? The girl was about to burst. Apparently, logic and reason do not count when it comes to one's grandchildren, so SS got ice cream. You know, to make up for the lack of milk. Did I mention that P is having a blast with all of this? So much for Mama is the boss.

P had an awful sinus headache and was in bad need of rest. SS would not leave him alone, and would walk over to the sofa to scream at him. As in, "wake up Baba, you are my entertainment for the evening." I asked P to go upstairs to rest, and hopefully drown out the banshee. This led to an interesting bedtime situation.

We were getting ready to head upstairs,, when the downstairs bathroom over flooded. SS wanted to investigate, and upon seeing water, could not believe her luck. Water time! Break out the bathing suit, let's party. I asked Abu to take SS upstairs ASAP. I was hustling to prevent the water from reaching the carpet. All I could think was having a full house (5 adults and one kid that is worth 8), and wet carpets.

SS protested and asked for Mama, and Abu just remained there, frozen, while I asked in no uncertain terms to PLEASE take her to her room. I knew that once in her room, SS would be distracted and I could concentrate on cleaning the mess. Instead, I had a hysterical SS, a deer caught between headlights Abu, and a blissfully ignorant P.

SS would not stop crying and it really broke my heart. I can deal with crying just fine. But this was her frantic, please don't leave me, I am about to zone out cry. I was hoping that P would get a clue and come out and comfort her. Sadly, he thought I had it under control. Really? How under control can I have it when our daughter is inconsolable?

I cleaned the mess as soon as I could, and as best as I could and rushed upstairs. Poor SS was still wailing and Abu was marveling at how she did not let up once (no sh*t Sherlock, she was upset). By the time P came out, I was ready to smack him. There, I said it. Of course I would not smack him, but really, hon, your kid's crying, how about a hand?

The result? A VERY upset SS, who would not go to bed. I rocked with her for a while, but it was obvious that a slumber party with Abu was not going to happen. I took her to bed with us and when she fell asleep, returned her to Abu. SS woke up and the crying resumed. I stayed with her for a while, and one she calmed down, left her with Abu. That was incredibly difficult for me to do.

I am writing this at 8:45 a.m., and SS is still off. She is clingy and wants her Mama. Abu told me that last night, SS called out for me a few times. I told her to just bring her to me when she does. We want SS to know that we'll always be there for her. Sigh.

I know that the incident seems minor and my reaction (and SS's) a bit over the top. But trust me, when I ask for or say something concerning my daughter, I do know what I'm doing. Oh well, we live, we learn.

Now we are going to get ready for the day, and shop for corn beef and cabbage.

Abu likes it when SS crosses her ankles.

Chocolate pudding for breakfast, yum. Abu is a retired nurse, she knows more than Mama and Baba about nutrition.

Dude, I can so get used to this. Maybe I can sneak into Abu's carry on.

So much for using this as a time out or naughty step. SS loves to sit, play and pose on it.

Checking herself out never gets old.

I was not up to anything shady, promise.

Napping makes me thirsty.

Still into her balloons.

Remember when she could not stand hats?

Ice cream, mmmm. I wonder what I can get away with when Grandpa and JJ get here.

Bedtime snack, dried fruit.

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