Sunday, March 01, 2009


Pretty much what we have done all day. When Baby S woke up this morning, P took her downstairs and I made myself stay in bed. I did feel guilty, but somehow that did not stop me from sleeping in late. What still baffles me is how I was able to do that, because P and Baby S are very loud when they play. The rest of the day was spent hanging out and watching Baby S being her quirky self.

Baby S manages to make us laugh daily, but today she was a freaking riot. Since she is in the midst of a language explosion, she is just hilarious. Friday night I was going over her book, My First Words and she blew us away by clearly pronouncing oval. If she recognizes a word, she repeats it. This afternoon, P told Baby S that he was going to make a fire for her, that he needed to get wood, and that she would be staying home with Mama. P then said, "OK?" Baby S repeated OK, while nodding, and then burst into laughter. She so knows when she is adorable, and that is very frequently.

Baby S not only loves music but has begun to sing lately. This afternoon, as the credits and music ended for the movie we were watching, Baby S was not done. She then began to sing, baby talk, total nonsense but with a clear melody. Baby S sang for about 3-4 minutes non stop, while P and I just watched her. I wanted to capture the moment on tape, but Baby S stops as soon as a camera is pointed in her direction. Maybe I can get her one of these days, if I'm really stealthy.

This evening, P asked Baby S if she wanted to take a shower. Baby S began to squeal and started to climb the stairs. P asked me if she understood, if she knows what shower means. Absolutely. Baby S has made much needed progress in the shower. Up to about one month ago, she did not want to be put down. We usually bathe her first, and you can tell when she is done, because she cries as soon as her feet hit the tub. Baby S then hangs on to our legs for dear life and demands to be held. Now she just sits quietly and plays with her toys. Baby steps indeed.

Yesterday we went to the store to get G0ldfish and deodorant. P ended up adding Miracle Bubbles and a bubble stick to our purchases. We are currently hiding them from Baby S, because it rained all day. P actually took her outside to show her that it was not possible to play with bubbles. Poor Baby S, she is having bubble withdrawal.

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