Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spectacular S knows she is 2, and celebrated by learning 2 new words.

This morning, Spectacular S added turtle and leche (milk) to her vocabulary. Abuela treated us to a Chinese lunch in honor of SS's birthday. When we arrived, P, Abuela and SS sat at the table, while I made a plate for our daughter. Upon my return, I overheard P say to our server (all the servers are Chinese), "She was born in China." The young lady seemed dubious about his claim but did not question us. P left the table and the server remained for a while. She asked me if SS speaks Chinese (not that we know of, but she has English and Spanish words and ASL). The young lady laughed and stated that it was funny for a Chinese child to speak Spanish. The girl has a point. I reassured her that we intend to hire a Mandarin tutor when SS is three. Since I am solely responsible for SS's language development, I have my hands full.

Abu was not pleased that the server did not seem to believe that SS is Chinese. I had to explain to Abu that not everyone in China is aware of International Adoption. It is perfectly natural to be baffled when you see a White dude, and a Hispanic woman with an Asian child.

After lunch we went in search of a small cake for SS, to let her make a mess. She and JJ are sharing an ice cream cake later in the week. As it turns out, SS skipped her nap (again) and was out after dinner. We'd do the cake thing tomorrow.

SS is having a fabulous time with her Abu. P and I are pretty much a nuisance and in her way. I do worry, because Abu is 69 and I do not want her to break or damage something that she might need later. P keeps telling me that she is in better shape than people 25 years younger, to quit worrying. Easy for him to say, he won't be the one explaining to Abuelo why his wife is returning broken.

SS wants to do everything with Abu, and for now we are letting her. Our sneaky daughter has made her way into Abu's bed already. JJ used to do the same, then would try to keep her awake. As soon as he saw her droopy eyelids he would say, "Abuela, look, there's a monster under the bed." I wonder what SS's angle will be.

Yesterday, P and I cooked dinner in record time. Amazing what you can accomplish, when you do not have 20 pounds of love and an endless energy vortex underfoot. P and I also sat next to each other without a tiny body wedged between us. Dude, that was weird.

It has been raining for the past two days, and that is really cramping our style. It is supposed to be sunny on Wednesday, when JJ and Grandpa arrive. We are looking forward to some outside time.

The obligatory white rice and...

noodles for longevity.

Like Abuela, like granddaughter. I now truly understand the meaning of payback. I was a mini Mami, and, UGH, SS is as OCD as her Abu. She wipes her face and hands WAY more than any child should.

We love our Chucks, skulls and bones wearing little girl.

I do not own a purse, but SS treats any item as a purse. Why?

Can you hear me now, can you hear me?

Mama you are right, this top is so much fun.

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