Friday, March 06, 2009

Thanks Auntie C!

Baby S received a package from her Auntie C yesterday, and since I'm 12, I decided to let her open her gifts today. That is, 9 days before her birthday. Auntie C sent her a tambourine and maracas. The tambourine brought back decades old memories of visiting the Pentecostal church in Ponce. I was raised SDA, and only visited for the music. :)

Abuela will be visiting between March 12-26. That way she is here for both Baby S's and JJ's birthdays. Can't accuse the woman of playing favorites. Grandpa and JJ will be here the 18-22. Since Grandpa is flying into SFO or Oakland, it looks like we are finally going to be able to take JJ and Baby S to La Taqueria. YUMMO! We have not visited our favorite taqueria since July 21, the day we arrived from China. I'll make sure to video tape my darlings scarfing down burritos.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Family Day by taking Baby S to have her 2-year old portraits done. P's aunt and uncle sent Baby S a dress that is perfect for the occasion. When we first tried it on last year (August), it made us a bit sad because it made her look grown up. I know, we are saps. Anyway, I knew then that the dress was going to worn for her portraits. But since in real life Baby S is a jean and Chucks type of gal, we are bringing those along as well. The pictures won't be ready until the 23, but since P is going with me this time, I will ask him to sneak in a few pics.

.Two gifts, Auntie C really knows what rocks my boat.

Love the gift wrap.

I am SO going to use these tonight, as soon as Mama and Baba go to bed.

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