Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why did you have kids?

Conversation with Abu yesterday afternoon:

Abu: I did not see SS make the sign for poop when you asked JJ to smell her diaper.
Me: No, she didn't make the sign or say the word.
Abu: Then how did you know?
Me: P and I noticed a change in her demeanor and the way she shifted her body.
Abu: So, you both knew?
Me: Yes, we both knew.
Abu: Then why did you ask poor JJ to smell her diaper? (He had quite a reaction to
his sister's toxic waste)
Me: Well, we would have preferred that he stick his finger in to check, but we doubt
he would have fallen for that one.
Abu: ??????, and hardly amused.
Me: Mother, I'm not sure why you had children, but for us, it's about having fun
at their expense.

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