Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sharp S

Baby S has amazed us with how observant she is. One of our travel mates noticed it our first night in Kunming. How Baby S would not make a sound (in public), but was absorbing everything around her. We thought it was a normal reaction to spending her first 15 months of life in a SWI. Today, Baby S is still as curious and sharp-eyed as she was eight months ago. The thing is that now, she can articulate some of that wonder and it is a hoot.

The picture below is of Abuela and Abuelo. It sits over our fireplace and Baby S looks at it several times a day. We thought it would take a while for Baby S to get the Abu label (for both) down. Nope, it just took once and she had it down.

This picture was the cause of one of the many fits of laughter I had yesterday. Baby S woke up in a mood, and just wanted to be on me, at all times. I had way too many things to do, as we are preparing for Abuela's visit. Frankly, Baby S could not care less about what I have to do.

Instead of being a responsible adult and setting some boundaries, I allowed my daughter to dictate how I spent my time. Baby S and I were listening to music and Elt0n J0hn's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," came on. Baby S immediately got her groove on, but insisted that I carry her while we danced. OK, I'm up for dancing, as long as I don't have an audience. The bonus was that Baby S stopped crying. Our cable music channel shows pictures of the artist during the songs, but I never pay much attention. Then Baby S, who was totally into dancing, pumping her little arms and giggling, stopped and pointed at the TV. She said, "Mama, Abu." Huh? The picture of her Abus was in the opposite direction. But she repeated, totally excited, "Mama Abu, Mama, Abu," while pointing at the TV. This is what I saw...

This is not the same picture, but he was wearing the same, or very similar glasses. After all, EJ is known for his fondness for eye wear. OMG, I was bending over in laughter. I actually had to put Baby S down, because I was afraid I was going to drop her. When P came home and we compared pictures, he was cracking up. Baby S is one funny, smart kid. I hope we can keep up with her.

Not only is Baby S a smart cookie, but she has her own sense of style. Here she is lazily sucking on her Halloween binkie, while giving Mich@el J@ckson a shout out, by wearing one of her Santa mittens. Baby S was not a fan of binkies when we met. She is still lukewarm towards them. You may wonder why are we encouraging her to use one. At two, most parents are trying to get their kids to drop their binkies. Baby S came to us sucking her three middle fingers. Well, we can throw away binkies, but we cannot throw away her fingers. OK, we could, but I don't think S0cial Services is going to be pleased. Plus, regressing children is a smart move, in terms of attachment, when dealing with International (and toddler) Adoption. Baby S has given up her bottles, she needs some sort of baby comfort. It helps that she looks absolutely cute sucking on that thing.

Where's Baby S?

There she is!

What could make Baby S cry in such despair? As we were getting ready for bed, P decided to take a shower. Baby S and I had showered before dinner and it was time for her to go to bed. However, in Baby S's world, if the water is running, she must be part of the fun. She was devastated and let us know. To make things better, P came out of the bathroom to get a razor. I wish he had asked me, but he thought I was busy with the tear and snot machine. As soon as P came out of the bathroom, the tears stopped and Baby S did the sign for bath, while laughing. I am sure she was thinking, "Oh silly man, I am so happy you saw the error of your ways. I forgive you." When P returned to the bathroom without her, the waterworks resumed, but with more indignation and drama.

I can't believe that Abuela is going to be here tomorrow.

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