Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Late to bed, early to rise.

That is SS's motto, as she went to sleep after 11:00 p.m., but was awake before 6:00 a.m. We thought, no biggie, she'll nap early, maybe for two hours. HA! Seriously, are we ever going to learn? I wonder if our parent licenses will be revoked.

Today, SS, Abu and I spent five hours driving around. We left home at 10:00 a.m., and drove to P's work, so Abu could see where he works. It is the type of stuff that interests her. The man is my husband, and I am not that curious. Big mistake on my part, because SS thought P would be joining us. That was some spectacular crying after we said goodbye. SS fell asleep before we arrived at our destination, but Abu was not disappointed. I think she was relieved that the screaming had stopped. She now knows why banshee is one of SS's many nicknames.

The much needed and anticipated nap lasted less than thirty minutes. Our little beast unleashed unprecedented fury. She fought getting in her carseat, with more fervor than upon our arrival from China. It was delightful to see people craning their necks, as they drove by our lovely, roadside spectacle.

We then drove to the area where SS took her first dip in a lake. One of those attractions only a grandmother can appreciate. OK, SS's does, can't speak for any other grandmothers. SS managed to fall five times, but got right back up, and demanded that we allow her to scrape her knees and hands. Abu was not pleased; you know, all those germs on her precious granddaughter's hands and knees. She ONLY mentioned a dozen times that SS should have been wearing long pants. She also suggested that if I insist on dressing my child inappropriately, the least I could do is get her knee and elbow pads. No, she was not kidding. I am counting my blessings that Abu did not suggest a helmet. She is not leaving until Thursday morning, so we might find the pads and a helmet in SS's room by then.

We met P for lunch and he was blown away by his daughter's behavior. I think the advantages of SS having a temporary SAHM, are no longer there for him. I give him a month before he tells me to return to work, so we can entrust our daughter's discipline to someone who knows what they are doing. SS, military preschool is looming in your future.

After lunch we did some shopping. In the interest of not playing favorites, Abu paid for half of SS's new portable DVD player. Thank you Abuela and Abuelo, we truly appreciate your generosity. The not playing favorites applies to SS and JJ, not to their cousins. Just had to be fair about that one. SS also scored a folding chair, WITH a duck printed on the backrest. Once again, courtesy of her Abus.

SS surrendered to sweet sleep after a forty minute fight. I have no idea where she gets the energy. I also know that we are blessed, because there are so many things that we could be dealing with; like serious attachment and health problems. So when we joke and pretend to b*tch and gripe, it is done in jest. We are always mindful that we are not only lucky, but blessed, to have SS in our lives.

Why Abu is alone in some of the pictures. This Kodak Moment lasted less than thirty minutes.

She was awake, but not in a posing mood.

Abu taking a picture of the spot where SS took her first lake dip. Wait, where's the plaque commemorating the occasion?

My picture taking skills really suck; I am fortunate to have such a photogenic subject.

Who the heck dresses their child in white shorts for a walk around a lake?

Not sure how appropriate it is to post this, so blame Abuela and Abuelo. They are both enamored with SS's b*tt wiggle.

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