Friday, April 03, 2009

The ADHD post.

This is going to be all over the place. Just things here and there.

SS said her first three word sentence March 12, the day Abu arrived. We were eating dinner while I drove us to the airport. Feeding your child, while she is rear facing, in the dark, is quite an adventure. I was driving and trying to help P feed SS. She loves sliced turkey and was inhaling it quite fast. I was not fast enough, and was rewarded with a clear "Mama all gone."

SS likes to say that she is two. When we count with her, we hardly get the one out, and she pipes up "TWO." Last week, we were outside, enjoying a warm evening, and SS pointed at my bre@st*. SS then said "brea@st," I said, "Yes, that is Mama's bre@st." She then pointed to both and said "TWO!" P could not stifle his laughter. SS has been obsessed with them since we met. She does a lot of things breastfed children do; like suddenly sticking her hand down my blouse to touch them. The odd part is that she was not breastfed. I have to be careful when we are out shopping. I lost count of how many times she has impulsively pull my top down, and yippee, exposed them to whomever is looking. SS is quick and strong. When we shop alone, I try to avoid V necks. P thinks this is really funny. Men...

I have neglected to mention something that SS has been doing since we met. Our daughter is a n*pple pincher. Here's a big surprise, P was amused by this. She would pinch my n*pples several times a day. The interesting thing is, that I wore mostly sport bras in China. P and I went almost completely quick dry clothing. Most of my sport bras are quick dry, but they are also thicker than regular ones. I have no idea how SS did it, but she managed to find them and startle me. It was, and still is painful. P would laugh, that is, until it happened to him. We were home about one week, when I heard him shriek. I knew, I just knew SS had found his n*pple. P was surprised by how her tiny fingers could cause so much pain. Now that he has literally felt my pain, he no longer finds it funny. Forget G*tmo, bring all the prisoners to SS, and she will get the truth in no time. If you have someone you want to torture, SS will have them on their knees in no time, and for a reasonable price. We are the proud parents of the tiniest torturer. :)

I sent this picture to P:

With the comment that I have never heard of this type of orange before. He e-mailed me back : They're either for when you go out in a boat. Or kinky sex games with fruit a la nine and a half weeks.

One of the many reasons why I adore this guy. Even though sometimes he annoys the daylights out of me, and pushes my buttons, he manages to make me laugh.

*We use the appropriate words for body parts, no cute words.

SS loves the theme song for Two And A Half Men.

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