Sunday, April 12, 2009

A visit to the zoo and the park with Auntie C.

After leaving JJ's work, we drove to meet with Auntie C. We had not seen her since last August. Auntie C gave SS a plush pink bunny, that SS loved right away. We walked to the zoo, to see the animals enjoy their Easter treats. As we entered the zoo, I spotted a former coworker, F. Last time I saw her 3-year old twin boys, they were infants. Her son, DS, is 9, but looks like a teenager. We had another funny moment, as it seems that F was not aware that we were planning to adopt. We introduced our daughter, and provided her with the blog address. We mentioned that we blogged during our trip to China. "China? What the hell were you guys doing in China?" I pointed to SS and said, "F, where did you think she came from?" Yep, the girl thought SS was our bio child. My ethnic womb strikes again.

SS had a blast looking at the animals and running amok through the zoo. She missed on petting/torturing the animals, because they were taking a break. We then walked to the park next door to tire SS out. We were hoping she'd nap during the drive. It was sad saying goodbye to Auntie C, but we know we will see her soon.

A mere five miles from home, P's smart a$$ mouth got him in trouble. SS was pulling on the power cord of the DVD player. I told her to stop, and before I was able to say that I would turn the player off, P cut me off. He said, "SS, do you need a time out by the side of the road?" SS started crying, I mean really crying, hurt type of crying. I was too busy laughing and left P high and dry. He had to fix his own mess. I don't think he will be joking like that again.

We arrived home safe but also beat. It was only 7:00 p.m. and we considered going to bed. SS was the only impediment to an early bedtime. We had a really nice three day weekend, and SS met a lot of people who patiently waited for her.

She loves her "real" cell phone. It also doubles as a remote control.

Cutest raccoon ever.

Look Baba!

She freaked out when I sat her on the fake horse. But the tractor has a steering wheel, just like a car.

But not as spectacular as S.

Ooooo, pretty birdie.

Small turtles, just like me.

I was wondering if this was a good idea.

Why did I worry? SS is a sliding pro and will hit the competition circuit soon.

Bamboozling Auntie C into carrying her around.

Walking to the duck(less) pond.

If SS had the ability to stand still, it would have made a good pic to have her standing in front of a tree.

What's with the scowl? She was told for the hundredth time to stay away from the mud. Oh yeah, she's got a 'tude.

W0w W0w Wu*bzy for this leg of the trip.

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