Friday, April 10, 2009

SS makes a break for it.

SS is getting really good at recognizing when she is about to be confined to her carseat, for longer than she deems acceptable. The giveaway is Mama cleaning the van, and that is what she saw this morning. Probably fed up with Mama's behavior yesterday, SS put on her new flip flops and was ready to roll. She was not pleased that her W0nder Pets PJs and Reefs were not approved attire. First, it was cold outside, then, that whole we have to shower and get dressed thing. SS was in a hurry to go, and did not want to bother coming inside. That was our first battle of the day.

Despite her plan to get as far away from us as possible, SS did really well during the three hour drive. Today's movie selection was Surf's Up, and she even napped. SS woke up shortly before we arrived at our destination. We paid a short visit to Dr. P, our former physician. She was well aware of our wait and also an IAP. Dr. P was teary eyed and hugged us, so happy that our SS is finally home. Thank you Dr. P, for taking the time to say hi. We know how busy you are. We were unable to see Nurse M, but maybe next time.

We so miss the days when SS would sit on a bed, while we went about our business. She now is all over the place, exploring, touching, setting the sleep timer on the TV, reaching, climbing, calling for room service, anything but remain still. Such a good thing that she is so freaking cute. :)

What do you mean this is not proper attire to be outside in 40 degree weather, and then hit the road?

Would love to stay and debate, but there's an animal in trouble somewhere.

Does it really matter where I found the fortune cookie? Don't you have something to do?

I can't wear PJs and flip flops, and I can't smash a stale fortune cookie on the carpet. I've had it with you two, I'm moving on.

No need to look inside my backpack. No credit cards and no expensive electronics being smuggled.

OOPS, would you mind giving me a lift to JJ's? Is kind of difficult to drive in a rear facing carseat.

How come someone always calls when I'm busy?

Hey guys, I remember this from China, you used them daily. You have no valuables now? Gulp, definitely moving on.

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