Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank you D!

Here are the promised pictures of the wonderful quilt D made for SS. Thank goodness I have befriended creative and talented individuals, because I do not have an ounce of creativity or talent. Well, except when it leads to evil, then I'm freaking amazing. D, thank you so much for the quilt. SS has been snuggling up to it daily, and we know she will treasure it for many years.



Look D, I have lots of room for growth.

This afternoon, while SS took a power nap, I decided to put together her Grandpa's Christmas gift. SS has used the tubes, but we did no think she was ready for them to be connected to the teepee and the tent.

It turns out that SS is not ready to be away from us after all. Good thing too, because after I took these pictures, a strong wind blew the parts in four separate directions. Fun, really fun. I am going to try just the teepee and the small tube, and see if that helps.

You are expecting me to go inside the tunnel of doom by my tiny, lonesome self? Mama, put the camera away, it is just not going to happen.

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