Wednesday, April 01, 2009

SS tries out her new wheels.

We got SS's passport application processed. A couple and their young daughter (8-10), had the misfortune to arrive a few minutes after us. I am sure they are regretting their timing. It was quite the experience, and one that I would have preferred to endure in private. We were prepared, with all the documents needed, and others, just in case. After the fiasco at our local Social Security office, where the kind civil servant supervisor insinuated that our adoption "could be fraudulent," we over prepare. The clerk was very kind, and thankfully smitten with SS, but obviously not accustomed to foreign adoption protocol. It was funny (now), how P and I had to guide the clerk through the process.

I am glad that SS is too young to understand everything she hears. I cringed when the clerk read the translation of her birth certificate, to whomever she called for help. It plainly states facts about our daughter, that we have chosen to keep within our nuclear family (P, JJ and me). We feel that SS should hear and understand these facts, and then decide whether she wants to share with others. It is her history, not ours. I was not pleased that the couple waiting way too close to us, got to hear this.

On the positive side, SS will now have another document identifying her as our daughter*, and as an American citizen. Once we obtain her certificate of foreign birth, we will no longer need to use her Chinese birth certificate. Of course I am sure that somewhere along the way, some nincompoop will challenge the validity of her COFB.

One of the documents we had to provide was her Certificate of Citizenship. The picture on it was taken July 17, and shows a much different looking SS. As soon as SS saw her picture, she pointed and excitedly stated, "Baby!" SS likes to point out her baby pictures. Almost every day, she stops by the sofa table, looks at her referral pictures and says, "Mama, baby." SS thinks she is a big girl now. :)

I knew that they had to send some of the original documents with the application. That does not mean that I was not anxious about parting with them. Think about it, what if they misplace her CoC?

Another item on my to do list was getting SS's stroller (third and last, I promise) out of the box and ready for action. Abu bought it for me as a birthday present 2 years ago. Since our weather has been so wonderful, I thought it would be a good idea to put it together. I tried, but I know my limitations, and P got stuck putting it together.

P allowed SS to mess with it for a while, and she seemed fascinated with her new wheels. S got in and out, checked out the wheels, and every nook and cranny of her new possession. Then P tried to get her strapped in, and she managed to outsmart him, and get out of the straps. P had yet to adjust them, and she is rather small. I went inside to make dinner, and P played outside with SS.

When I came out, P had convinced SS to sit in, no seat belts, and pushed her around the driveway. P explained that she would only need to be strapped in when we use it as a bike trailer. Really? Then why is her jogging stroller equipped with a five point harness? Sorry, she must use the seat belts.

After dinner we went for a quick walk, using only the lap belt. SS seemed to enjoy the ride, as long as the bug net and plastic cover were up. Tomorrow, I am going to venture out for a walk with SS. Probably our usual walk by the river.

I hauled the big box from the garage all by myself. I opened the box, and got the stroller out just fine. Then I took a look at this, and realized that I was way in over my head.

Rescue P(ack), coming to the rescue. Had I read the previous statement 8 months ago, I would have been totally lost.

Finally, out of the box and ready to use. There were times during the wait, that we wondered if we would ever get to see our baby girl in her stroller.

SS is going with the flow, checking things out.

"Wait, another 5-point harness? This stroller must be related to my evil carseat. I am jumping ship right now."

Mama, you need to learn to do things Baba's way. See how happy I am when unencumbered by belts?

We brought Funky Dog and Snoopy blanket to ease her fear.

* To clarify, the passport will have her name and both our last names. I did not mean to insinuate that our relationship would be included.

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