Saturday, April 04, 2009

SS met the Easter Bunny and went on her first long walk.

,This morning, we dressed SS in one of the many pretty dresses her Nana and Grand Min sent her. When I first saw the yellow dress on Christmas morning, I immediately knew SS would wear it for her Easter Bunny picture. Then this morning it hit me. What if she is freaked out by the bunny? P took a picture of SS with my phone, and I e-mailed it to her Nana. Just in case things went awfully wrong with the giant rabbit.

SS was OK with the bunny, as long as her Baba was holding her. Can't blame the girl; a giant stuffed animal that moves? That is some crazy stuff we put our children through. SS initially cried, and once again, P and I made total and utter fools out of ourselves in public. We clapped, we jumped, we blew kisses, we said good girl, we did whatever it took to get the shot. Good thing we both have plenty of experience at embarrassing ourselves in public. Who knew it would come in handy.

Picture in hand, we took our girl out for lunch. Don't fret Nana, we bought an extra large bib, to protect her pretty dress. SS had the chicken fingers with a side order of apple slices, and some of our steak fries. After lunch, we ran some errands, then back home to change SS's clothes for our walk.

When P removed the stroller from the van, he noticed one tire was flat. Great, back to the gas station, but SS had other plans. We could not get her into the carseat. It was not her fault, every single time we have parked there, we go for a walk. Why is today different? I stayed with her, while P went to inflate the tire. He returned, to tell me that it was punctured and needed to be fixed. After wrangling SS into her carseat, we went to Wally Mart. After what seemed like an eternity, P got the tire fixed. I recall thinking that we went through so much trouble, for a 30-45 minute walk. Better him than me, when alone with SS.

Our little walk turned into a two and a half hour, six mile loop. The last time we were on that trail, we rode our bikes. It has quite a few steep parts, and we came to the sad realization that we are so badly out of shape. SS did well, until at the one hour mark, P got her out of the stroller for a photo op. She had a gigantic meltdown. You would think that we would let her be, but no, we love vexing poor SS. We removed her a second time, to take pictures at the bridge. OMG, she fought getting in the stroller. We will forever remember that scene as the tantrum heard around the river. Gosh, she has a tremendous set of lungs.

To encourage healthy living and eating, we treated SS to ice cream after the walk. As we were near the T@stee Free.ze, I saw a young man too close to the intersection, making me uncomfortable. I attempted to alert P, who was driving. It went like this:

Me: Baby, Baby. Said in that tone, short hand for watch out.
P: What? The light is green. Making no attempt to slow down.
Me: I know the light is green, but if he steps into the intersection and we kill him, it's really going to suck.
P: For him, and maybe for the van, if he makes a dent. Said with a straight face.

My husband, such a kind, sensitive soul. :)

We are SO sore, tired and in need of sleep. SS's energy level is just fine. She can't understand how all three of us walked the same distance, and she is not the least bit tired. P cooked Chicken Parmesan for dinner, and it was delicious. I had no idea he knew how to make that. Then again, he has ordered it so many times when out to dinner, it just came natural. Not only was it yummo, but P cooked it in record time.

SS just fell asleep on the sofa at 9:20 p.m. We are going to let her sleep for another 15 minutes, then place her in her crib. I am sure that P and I will collapse soon after.

What's up doc?

SS was very interested in Mojave, the turtle on exhibit at the Mall. That is, until she had the opportunity to get close. SS wisely chose to keep her distance. Check out the death grip she has on her Baba's right wrist.

See Nana, a really big bib to keep my pretty dress clean.

P found my old cell phone, and thought it'd be a good idea to give it to SS. Maybe now she'll keep her tiny paws off mine.

This stroller seats two children comfortably. Not as far as SS is concerned. P is convinced that she would not share with a little brother. Too bad, she does not get to decide. Yeah, we need to teach her how to sit like a lady.

I really like this picture, our first time on the trail as a family.

And this is what happened when we tried to confine SS again. Heck no, she won't go.

She's finally calmed down.
So what do we do? We take her out again, because we so had to take this picture. P placed my camera on the rail, and I was scared that it would tumble to its demise. We are getting a small tripod tomorrow.

Seriously guys, what's with the panting and sweating? I am sweat free, breathing fine and not tired. I could do another six miles.

Yes, I am a huge hypocrite, I allowed her to ride with only her lap belt. Having that extra freedom kept her happy. She likes to rummage for her toys, sippy cups and whatever else is in there.

Ice cream for dinner, my favorite.

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