Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Her first pair of flip flops, and her first taste of sausage and peppers.

Last summer, we bought pink N*ke sandals for SS. They were on sale, and we bought the next size, and two sizes larger. We have been enjoying awesome weather, and I decided to give her Chucks a break. Sadly, the next size up is just right. Plus, the sandals are made of neoprene and a PITA to get on her. I remembered a pair of Reef we wanted for her, but were way too large. SS and I headed to the sports store and picked up her first pair of flip flops. We wanted plain black, so she could wear them with everything. Just my luck, they were on sale, and I think we are heading back to buy two pairs, in blue and pink. The best part? They only cost $11.50. We are such sun and water hos that we know SS will wear them a lot.

Aren't these the cutest toes, feet and lower legs ever? SS nails grow at the same rate as P's hair. It makes keeping them neat rather difficult.

P's relative, GM, makes sausage and peppers, and P loved stuffing his face whenever possible. That has not happened in almost 14 years. Whenever he complained about missing the dish, I would tell him to pick up the phone and ask for the recipe. recently, P was talking to GM, and big mouth me decided to request the recipe. SS LOVES sausages and we thought she might like trying GM's recipe.

We got the recipe, and I thought that P would be the one making the sausages. It is HIS family's recipe, makes sense, right? Not to my lazy P. I was a bit hesitant because I am a lousy cook, and have very little experience cooking pork (raised SDA). But the biggest concern, is making something that your husband remembers vividly as gastronomical Nirvana. I already feel bad about my lack of cooking skills, and do not need confirmation.

P is the product of two foodies. Both his mother and father cook, and cook very well. They also enjoy cooking for friends. It truly is unusual that when I met P, his cooking skills were limited to charring mammal flesh, and making salads. He's come a long way in 13 years, and cooks quite often. So why was he shying away from his beloved sausages?

On Monday, P asked me when I was going to make the S&P, and I asked when HE was going to. P then tried to use SS to pull at my heartstrings, knowing darn well that I do not have a heart. What kind of person would use their two year old daughter, to rope someone into cooking for them? Oh wait, I would do that as well. I also felt bad that while my mother was here, she cooked a lot of things I had not eaten in years.

Yesterday afternoon, after shopping for flip flops (priorities), SS and I headed to the store to get ingredients for dinner. Since she is so clingy, I had to wait for P to get home to cook. The sight of me in the kitchen, with a gate between us, made SS very upset.

P took the photos below, and he is lucky he's not here. Why? No wonder SS does not get the DO NOT TOUCH Mama's camera concept. I am really consistent about saying no. Imagine my surprise, when I saw SS messing with my diaper bag camera. P is so going to get it when we meet for lunch today. It is only my diaper bag camera, not the D60, but it's the principle that irks me. And, it was not only one pic, she had the camera, for a while, while standing on freaking cement. P knows SS is a klutz (like her Mama), and I could right now be out of a camera. I wonder if SS is too young for a toddler digital camera.

Well, back to dinner. I did my best and even took a picture of the results of my efforts. Mainly, because I know it bears no resemblance to the original. But also because I am not above laughing at myself. :) Thankfully, it was edible. The best part is that SS had two servings, and gave it her "Yum, yummy, yum," seal of approval. Thank you GM for the recipe, and maybe one day SS will get to try the real thing.

We went to the post office, but arrived during their break. We are returning today, to get the passport thing done. That stupid, implausible, meaningless dream is still haunting me.

Last night was not as bad as the previous night. SS is still clingy and her sleep is poor. What is difficult for us, is that she is safely between us, but still wails all night. She insists that I place my arm around her. Then she remembers her Baba, and wants the same from him. When SS tires of those positions, she goes back to perpendicular mode. Except that she keeps tapping P on his chest, with her tiny feet. I get the head butting and the chest finger poking (a new one). We do not mind, but we are frustrated that we can't make it better. Back to baby steps.

"Mama will never know that Baba lets me get away with murder when she is not around." Look at that face, she knows she is getting away with something.

P loves his action shots. Lately, SS is all about swinging her little arms.

I once caught a fish THIS big. Yeah, in my bathtub, yeah, that's it.

I have no idea why SS is eating by the living room closet. Let's see, I was still in the kitchen and P was in charge. Any ideas?

Baba, hand the sausage sandwich over, and no one gets hurt.

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