Friday, April 10, 2009

Surgeon General's Warning

We should have the warning above tattooed on our foreheads. This afternoon, we had time to kill before dinner, so SS had a swimming lesson. Pretty convenient when your Baba is your instructor. A couple and their three daughters were in the pool when we arrived. Two of them, an infant and a three year old, were happily sitting on floats. The oldest daughter (about 6) immediately noticed SS, and asked her name and age. She pointed to her sister and informed us, "That one is three years old." I then told P that last year, I purchased a float for SS, and that it was in the van. Floats are big no nos for P, I knew that when I bought the float, and I knew that when I said I brought it. I'm like SS, I like to live dangerously, plus I know he would not kill me with witnesses. Luckily, P chose to ignore me, and we began to play with SS.

The family watched us as we pushed SS from one to another. It is important to note, that on my first try, I pushed a tad too strong and SS went under fast. I never claimed to be a swimming instructor and I'm rusty. So here I am, making a great impression on these strangers, as I almost drown my daughter. The older girl and the parents were really surprised with SS's obvious lack of fear. The mother commented that our daughter is "a really brave little girl." I responded, "in water, she is fearless."

I wished JJ was there, because SS surprised us by jumping in the pool. Actually, I stood on the edge with her, and dropped her in. P would allow her to be under water for a while, then bring her up for air. Wish JJ was there to film this, because it was cute. When it was my turn, I could not allow her to be under water.

I noticed that the mother removed the 3-year old from the float. I was paying attention to P and SS, but noticed something in my peripheral vision. Then the unmistakable scream of a frightened child got our attention. The little girl was trembling, hanging on to her mother and screaming. The father glared at the mother and said, "What do you think you are doing, you frightened her." The mother looked really upset and remorseful. The father asked the mother to take the younger children to their room. He looked pretty mad, spent a few minutes stewing, then left with the oldest daughter. That is when P addressed the float issue, and why he would not allow SS to use one. I still believe that at some point, she should be allowed to sit and enjoy the water. I wonder who will prevail, any guesses?

People, it is NOT safe to just dip your kid under water if you have not done this before. Heck, I do it under protest, because P wants me involved. Since water is a big deal for us, I know I have to be his partner "teaching" SS. I felt awful, but then again, I don't think I would have done the same. Many children younger that SS can do things that she is simply not equipped to handle. Let's see, like having their mother out of their sight. If your kid can't do it, don't rush or force the issue. Trust me, it won't end well. JJ had a great laugh when we told him. The poor guy is a victim of our parenting, he knows that little girl's pain.

We had a short visit with JJ, but enough to fill SS's JJ tank, and to laugh until we almost cried. P and I are such walking disasters, and that is always good for a laugh. I have some video to upload about our time together. It's going to take a while before I can add all the clips.

Look into my eyes Grasshopper, I know you can do this.

This was so nice to see, because it was impossible when we met SS. She finally trusts us enough to lay back on the water.

Spa time!

Read rule #7, then read the sign on the upper left.

Yes, we think that tattoo is a great idea.

SS is so comfortable in the water, that she is pushing P's hands away, trying to squirm from his hold. The problem? She can't swim.

Pondering. This is a do over. P asked JJ a question, and SS mimicked his answer, but I was too busy laughing and not holding a canera. Her ability to ape does not bode well for us, you know, the walking disasters.

SS usually sings along to this song. Last night, she was all about dancing for her brother. We like the song because that is what SS does when she is around JJ, handstands. OK, she tries really, really hard.

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