Saturday, April 25, 2009

Her first greasy cheeseburger, and playground time with Baba.

We had an easy breezy day, just hanging out and doing much of nothing. P made scrambled eggs for breakfast. Totally out of character for him, because the man does not eat breakfast. He was in an "I remember SS had scrambled eggs every morning in China" mode, and he wanted to feed her.

For lunch, P treated us to greasy cheeseburgers. A first for SS and a long time since P and I had the greasy stuff. SS is not a fan of burgers, but surprised us by eating 3/4 of her cheeseburger. We also ordered fries, always a hit with our baby girl.

We then drove to the local museum/exploration park. P and SS enjoyed looking at the fish. P was really proud when he realized how much SS loves fish. Yeah dude, she IS your daughter, a total fish freak.

Look Mama, bees!

What exactly am I looking for?

SS wanted to run around, not be forced into a K0dak moment.

Drumming again

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